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I might have a Trim Healthy Mama drinking problem

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It's not a problem.  Really.  A situation maybe. Definitely not a problem though. Simply because I've found a solution!  I always want a drink to sip. Everywhere. 

In the car. On the porch. In the kitchen. Out at the garden. 

Often when I come in from errands, I have a cup, a can, and maybe a mason jar. All empty. But that's not the problem . . . ummm situation.

THM Drinks

The problem is what can I drink that is healthy?   I gave up Pepsi two years ago when I changed my eating to the THM plan

Best thing I ever did! 

Problem was Pepsi was my treat.

My paycheck.

I said it often to my kids (terrible I know!) "momma gets paid in Pepsi."

I had tried MULTIPLE times to give up soda. 

I knew it was bad for me.  If you want to know why here's a couple of places to begin reading.

10 reasons to avoid drinking soda                                   How soda impacts your body

Benefits from not drinking soda

  1. Less bloated. Definite plus. Clothes started to fit me looser.
  2. Cravings disappeared. It is miserable to be controlled by the urge to eat/drink something. I had to give up sugar completely. Just giving up soda never did it for me. But wow was this an awesome feeling! Thank you THM !!! I won't go back to the old way!(affiliate link)
  3. The scale started moving!

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Batch Drinks Printable
THM Drinking Problem?  Try making your drinks in batches! -

What do I drink now?

Water and I are just not best friends.  I drink it for meals.  Mainly because I know it is good for me.  We used to drink kool-aid when the kids were little.  And . . . well it is full of sugar. 

Sweet Tea with xylitol

Summer isn't summer without sweet tea.  This is sugarless tea but it tastes like regular sweet tea! 

PROCESS: Boil a quart of water & put in two family size tea bags. Remove bags after 5 minutes to keep the tea from becoming bitter. Add ¼ cup xylitol and stir until dissolved. I add another quart of water and chill!

Good Girl Moonshine

There are many benefits to getting Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) in to your diet. However I wasn’t so impressed with this drink at first. The ladies on the THM Facebook group kept coming out with new versions & said to tweek it to my liking.

So I kept trying.  At first, I used more sweetener and less ACV.  Success!!! Slowly I added more ACV.  I drink two versions of GGMS.  Recipe 1  Recipe 2

The Shrinker

I liked the way this recipe tasted! I did have to start with a smaller amount of cayenne. I also used a cinnamon stick instead of powdered cinnamon. It’s good hot in the winter and over ice in the summer. You can sweeten this tea with either THM pure stevia or liquid vanilla creme stevia.

Singing Canary

Honestly I should drink this more.  I make it for Steve.   He’s given up orange juice(too many carbs) but still loves “juice” in the morning.  The THM pure stevia in Singing Canary doesn't give him a blood sugar spike which is much more healthy than OJ.

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Batch Prep of THM drinks with my tweeks

These are my four favorite drinks. On Sunday or Monday I make a batch of all of them.  Here’s my process.   It takes about 20-30 minutes but I’m multitasking and doing dishes or cooking at the same time.  Easy peasy.

                         2 quart glass  pitcher from Wal-mart

                         2 quart glass  pitcher from Wal-mart

  1. Boil water in a kettle.
  2. Fill 3 quart size mason jars with hot water.
  3. Jar #1--Put 2 family size regular tea bags in one jar.
  4. Jar #2--Put 2 Celestial Seasonings Wild Berry tea bags in plus a chunk of ginger.
  5. Jar #3—Put in 3 oolong tea bags plus 1 cinnamon stick.
  6. Set the timer for 5 minutes.
  7. Remove family size tea bags and add ¼ cup of xylitol. Stir until it is dissolved. The other bags I leave for 20-30 minutes. They don’t get bitter like the regular tea does.
  8. While I wait for the jars to cool I prepare a double batch of Singing Canary in another 2 mason jars.
  9. For jar #1 & 2 pour into separate 2 quart pitchers. The one I use is from Wal-mart.
  10. Add 1 quart water or ice to each pitcher. For the GGMS I add the sweetener(1 T xylitol) and ACV(1 T) directly to my cup when I drink it instead of to the pitcher.
  11. Jar #3 Add ½ c of almond milk and 2 doonks of cayenne pepper. During the week to prepare my drink, I add several sprinkles of THM pure stevia or sometimes a few drops of liquid vanilla creme stevia in the cup with ice.

With this process, I can prepare several days(maybe even a week) of drinks.  Life is simplified. 

I need that.

I'm never desperate for a soda because there are other great options. FREEDOM!

More options!  Yes more!

THM Drinking problem

I also enjoy the Zevia sodas, which are available at Kroger, Hyvee, Natural Grocer & Lucky's. We also recently found a replacement for Kool-aid for the whole family. Everyone likes it and we have a pitcher or two a week.

Flavors we enjoy

Black Cherry Limeaide

Raspberry Lemonade

The larger packs of True Lime or Lemon will make 2-3 quarts depending on how strong you like it. If you are like us we add a little more water. It tastes fine and stretches it out.

There are also individual packs that you can use in a water bottle or at a restaurant.

The Problem: always wanting a drink ready to go

The Solution: prepare a batch of several drinks at the same time

It doesn't take any longer to make a batch of several drinks than to prepare each drink individually.   Using this method saves me TIME! 

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