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Easy Slow Cooker Meals to Keep your Kitchen COOL

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Easy Slow Cooker Meals to Keep your Kitchen Cool -

We are finally seeing some sun here in Missouri in between the rain showers.  That means I do NOT want to turn on the oven if I can avoid it. 

So how do we keep it SIMPLE and COOL?

The Solution

Below are 2 ways to avoid turning on the oven if you want something more than a sandwich(which is perfectly acceptable summer time fare by the way!)

  • Make a salad— see a list of our favorite salads and ones that we are planning to try as it warms up.
  • Use the slow cooker.  Get it out of the cabinet or pantry & plug it in!

I LOVE my slow cookers!!!!  I have 3.  Different sizes for different kinds of meals.  Basically S, M, L.  Which translates in to 2.5 quart, 6 quart & 7 quart. 

You might ask why so many? 

We got the small one when it was just 3 of us.  The large oval white one was a gift for Christmas and I wanted it because of the set times and the keep warm feature.  The middle size black one has the rubber edged lid and I bought it because I "thought" that my larger size was dying but it is still holding on.  When we make apple sauce or host any big meal I will have all 3 out on the counter helping to keep the food warm.

Easy Slow Cooker Meals Cool Kitchen -

Crock Pot or Slow Cooker?

What ever you call them they are truly wonderful.  Take 10-15 minutes to toss the ingredients in and come supper time you have the makings of a hot meal without the hot kitchen.  I'm not including pictures because honestly its hard to get a good pic of food in a slow cooker.  I don't have time to stress about that one!


1.  Meat    2.  Veggies    3.  Sauce    4.  Cook

Seriously you can’t get more basic than this(don’t worry I will give you some other recipes lol!)

Examples. . . Really.  You can do this.

Take some chicken breasts and cut them up(or not).  Put them in the crock pot.  Add vegetables.  Frozen are fine.  Chopped broccoli, onions and peppers, or even green beans would work great.  Then cover with "sauce."  My favorite would be a jar of Alfredo sauce. Or salsa.  Or cream cheese with Italian seasonings.   

The possibilities are endless and SO simple. 

Seriously 10 minutes prep.  Do it!

Our Favorites

Low carb slow cooker recipes

Swiss Steak  We’ve been making this for years.  If you follow the THM plan here are my tweeks--leave the carrots for your kids & steam some broccoli & top it with butter.   If you want you can make some cauli "rice" to go with your meal.

Cheesy Chicken and Zoodles

Creamy sauce mixed with shredded chicken over julienned steamed zucchini.  I add rice for my kidos who don't appreciate the zucchini.

Salsa Chicken(see recipe above)   Serve with shredded lettuce, cheese, avocado, chips & sour cream.

Low fat slow cooker recipes

Bean’s & Rice

This is my I'm in a hurry and have NO time to think recipe.  I can put it in the slow cooker in under 5 minutes.  If you start it at breakfast it can be done by lunch on HIGH or low works for supper.  We add shredded chicken.  It makes great leftovers too.

Finally here are a few recipes we will be trying in the hot days coming up!

Ham & Bean Soup

I know hot soup doesn't make sense in the summer.  I will do it on a cooler day or wait until fall.  It sounds so good!

Slow Cooker Pizza Meatloaf

We do pizza most Friday nights but it really heats up the kitchen.  This looks like a good alternative!

Peachy Crockpot Chicken

Yeah peaches just sound sooooo good and I'm always on the look out for new low fat recipes.

More of the Cool meal series

Refreshing Crisp Salads

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