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Weekly Routines that WORK plus 2 FREE Menu Planners

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I have little routines that I do every week if possible.  I guess I learned this from my mom.  We always used to clean house & do laundry on Saturday mornings because she worked during the week so that was her time to do all the house stuff so Sunday was more a day off.

I do the same but I don't do it all on one day.  We do our homeschooling every morning & on some days part of the afternoon.  Errand days we don't do much school just Bible quizzing practice and a few little things.  I think it makes our days run better to know what we have on the list to get done.

Weekly List

  • Monday is my laundry day and some cleaning. 

  • Tuesday is errand day.
  • Wednesday I water the plants, clean & mop the floor(LOTS of floor to do here). 
  • Thursday is more errands. 
  • Friday is more laundry and cleaning.  Most important I make my menu for the following week.

I try to make a menu for two weeks at a time so I don't have to do my menu each week. 

Also if you just repeat the 2 weeks then you actually have planned for an entire MONTH!!  Score!

Weekly routines that work PLUS 2 FREE printable menu planners -

Menu Template

So I thought it might be helpful to post my menu template.  I often just write my menu on this sheet IN PENCIL!!!  Mainly because I change it mid week or stuff comes up that makes what I have planned not work.  So I erase or change it work for our week. 

To use the "chicken scratch" method, just download the menus below and print it off! 

Also the fields are editable by you so you can type it all in with in Acrobat and print it off all neat and tidy.  The squares are small so you will have to be short and sweet on your plans. 

I hope this will calm the crazy during the dinner hour for you. 

Having a plan is HUGE at that time of day. I'd love to hear from you in the comments if this is helpful!