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Sick of being sick

Kim BrushComment

When momma's sick the world grinds to a halt. 

Or it feels that way.


I've had a nasty cold since Saturday.  No cooking, no school, no cleaning, nothing going on here.  Joshua has it too.  Worst part is the brain just doesn't work so even computer work is exhausting.

This is really hard because the weather has finally turned nice and I haven't even felt like being outside.  So instead of trimming apple tree branches & getting my garden ready to plant, I'm dreaming of seeds and enjoying the breeze from the front porch. 


I did walk to the mailbox yesterday and around the perimeter of our yard.  See the confused pups?  I was over the invisible fence line.  They really don't understand why I go past it.  It is  scary.

Praying I'm back to normal soon.