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Making a Rag Rug

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Making rugs has been a fascination to me for several years.  I have a made a couple of types of rugs.  The first was a toothbrush rug that went under my daughter’s desk because she is on a concrete floor & her tootsie’s get cold!

The other rug I made is a locker hooking rug.  It is beside my bed in a spot where the pad under the carpet was getting thin.  I am not sure which I like better.  The toothbrush rug costs less as long as you are just using scraps.  However I like the ability to design my rug with the locker hooking.

Making a Rag Rug - Day to Day Adventures - Steps to getting started making a rag rug


After I found these cool sheets at the Good Will for $4 I decided to start a new rug for the girls room. 

Since we have hardwood floors upstairs the floor can be nippy without socks on. 

I cut the gathered part of the sheet off. 

Then the real fun begins!



Would you like to know now it all went together?  Check out the Rag Rug series!

1.  Reasons to make a rag rug

2.  How much fabric to make a Rag Rug?

3.  How long does will it take to make a Rag Rug?

4.  How to join fabric without sewing

5.  Making the base of your rug

6.  Add rows to the base of the rag rug

7.  Finishing a rag rug and basic rug care

8.  How to get a wooden needle

Want it all now? You can get the ad-free, printable .pdf for easy to follow instructions that you can take with you anywhere for just $5!



If you purchase the ebook, then you are getting more detailed explanations than the blog posts (but if you want to make rugs for free then just be sure to visit each post in the series!) A printed copy means you don't need to be on the internet to follow the directions. 

**Update March 2016**  I've started a NEW project! 

Go check out how starting a new rug project can beat the winter blahs

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