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Friday Finer Things: Bible Quizzing







It will change your life when you pour God’s word in to your life.

Have you ever heard of Bible Quizzing?  There are ministries all over the US.  We are part of Bible Quiz Fellowship nationally & locally Summit Bible Quizzing.

What is ‘Quizzing’ as it is commonly called?

One definition

Bible quizzing is a game that motivates Christian youth to study the Bible by making it fun and involving a group of teens.

The Basics

Kids memorize a portion(usually a chapter) of scripture.  At a quiz they are asked to quote a verse from their portion or they are asked to answer a question. 

The quizzers are sitting on pads that link to a quiz set which lights up.  Whoever jumps fastest—lights up and they get a chance to answer. 

Teams are formed of 7 quizzers.  5 members of the team are in at one time.  20 points are awarded when the question is answered correctly. 

5 questions right?  Quiz out!  3 answered incorrectly?  Error out


We’ve been part of this wonderful organization for 9 years.  My oldest has memorized large portions of the New Testament. 


The next two are working hard this year on the book of John.  Last night I listened to Chapter 5 from Elizabeth.  She quoted word for word each verse out of order. 


There were only two small mistakes. 

It doesn’t get much better than that.


Interested in find out more?  You can find a local ministry at Bible Quiz Fellowship.

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