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Removing Soap scum from Tile


Soap scum

I hate the way it looks and  hate how difficult it is to clean off my beautiful tile we put up the big bathroom remodel a couple of years ago.


I’ve tried many cleaners & nothing really does a good job besides my scrub brush and some elbow grease.

I like how vinegar does works on smells in my washer and how it takes hard water deposits off faucets but it is hard to get vinegar to stay on the tile walls long enough to clean the scum off.  So when I saw this idea on Pinterest I was very excited!

The link doesn’t go to a website but here are the instructions to clean tile.

Source: Uploaded by user via Kim on Pinterest

“Hot Vinegar and Dawn Soap! 1 cup of HOT Vinegar (microwave 1-2 min) and 1 cup of blue DAWN liquid soap. Shake into bottle and creates a gel that will clean your showers."

Well I had to give it a try so here are my results.

I was so excited to start I forgot to get a before picture on the faucet but here is a during and after.

It did a good job getting deposits off the faucets but truly they weren’t really built up as I’ve tried to wipe them down with vinegar every so often.

Here is a good close up of the tile.  The grout is supposed to be dark brown but it is a chalky grey.

A bit messy to apply but the Dawn is thick enough to cling to the tile and give the vinegar time to work.

I had to let the grout dry after rinsing to get a good picture and there was blue goo left so I headed to the kids bathroom in the basement(which I haven’t cleaned in ages—kids are in charge—yikes!)

Here is the worst tile before--very gray & chalky    

After cleaning—back to the original dark gray(YES!)

Now back upstairs after a couple hours of dry time.

Better in places.

As you can see I got mixed results.  Near the faucet I deliberately didn’t apply the solution to the left side so I could see if there was a difference.  So this solution does a good job but you have to be careful with your application to hit all the spots or come back and hit the ones that were missed.

I liked how easy this was to mix up and apply but I will be more careful and particular in my application next time around.

Fast Easy Bean Dip

In the KitchenKim3 Comments

Sooooo easy!  Great for lunch or a pot luck!  Enjoy! 

Mexican Bean Dip

2 cans refried beans

1/2 cup sour cream

2 cups shredded cheese(cheddar, Monterey Jack, or Mexican blend)

2-3 green onions

3 plum tomatoes

1/2 cup sliced olives

Tortilla Chips

Favorite Freezer Meals

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It has been a month since we did a batch cooking day.  So I’ve been doubling some recipes to stash in the freezer to beef up our supply.  You never know when a day might go crazy so it is good to have a few of things ready to go quickly!


A super easy one that gets gobbled up here is Chicken Tetrazini.  I like it because as long as I have Colby cheese on hand then I will have all the other staples available.

This recipe is one that I make two and freeze the extra one.  I like to have one on hand to take to a sick friend, a family with a new baby or just to bless some one.  It isn’t spicy so it appeals to many—besides who can resist cheesy noodles!

Chicken Tetrazini

12-14 oz of noodles—any variety

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1/2 cup milk

8 oz Colby cheese shredded

2 cups chicken cooked and diced

16 oz bag of frozen peas & carrots(optional)

Boil the noodles until slightly under done.  While noodles are cooking, mix soup & milk in a large bowl.  Drain noodles & add to soup mixture.  Add chicken & 1/2 of the cheese.  If you want to add the vegetables it should be done at this point.  Mix well & put in a 9 x 13 casserole dish.  Top with the remaining cheese.  Bake on 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes or until hot & bubbly.

Pair with a green lettuce salad & you have a quick easy meal!

Here are some other great freezer meals!

Lemon Chicken—paired with rice, noodles, grilled, crockpot—you cannot hurt this recipe!

Teriyaki Chicken

Skillet BBQ Chicken

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