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Making a Rag Rug part 4

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Interested in making a rag rug?  -

Interested in getting started with rug making?  There are lots of reasons to get started with your own beautiful handmade rug.

  • Unique Design
  • Recycle, Use & Reuse
  • Better Quality
  • Creativity

To Make a Rag Rug You Will Need. . . .

  1. Needle with a large hole.
  2. Fabric—lots of it!
  3. This Rags to Rug ebook!

The Rags to Rugs eBook is now available with tips and tricks as well as step by step directions for making a rag rug.

How to get your copy of Rags to Rugs: Step by step instructions to make your own Rag Rug

If you are here because you love rag rugs and you would like to learn the ins and outs of creating your own handcrafted beautiful rug, then give this instructional eBook a try.  The original four blog posts have been combined into this eBook. 

Buy it, read it, and make your own rug!  Send me a photo of your progress!


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