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No Stress Freezer Meals - Chicken version

Kim Brush4 Comments

If you knew me in real life you would realize pretty quick that my motto is Keep it Simple Sweetie! 

In the kitchen that means FREEZER MEALS as much as possible.  Crockpot meals are also another BIG way to reduce my meal preparation stress. Needing to remember to thaw meat and have ingredients doesn't make my life simple.  In fact it causes me considerable stress.  (can I get an AMEN?)  So in the fall, I order chicken from Zaycon Fresh and process 80 pounds of chicken into freezer meals over a few days.  Why do I order that much chicken?  Well let me tell you!

15 MORE Handmade Christmas Gifts

Kim Brush20 Comments

We are entering what we call “no rest for the weary” weeks.  Starting with Halloween there is something almost every weekend that keeps us busy or away from home!  I have the 4 essentials on my list for the holidays that I will not sacrifice but I like to think and work ahead to maintain a spirit of peace and joy in our home.  For me that means creating homemade gifts ahead of time and stashing them away in readiness for gift giving.