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Giveaway to win a copy of Super Duper Knit Hats for Beginners

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Giveaway for a Super Duper Knit Hat ebook -

Cooler weather means more time inside.  Which at first I love.  It is a quieter time.  Cozy with hot tea and more "home" time.

But after a while the dark gray days tend to make me a little stir crazy because I don't get as much vitamin D through garden therapy.  So I'm working on my goals for the next 3 months. 

Having a plan for fun things I like to do helps me not get down in the winter months.

This post contains affiliate links.  If you click through a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission.  This costs you nothing extra and helps me buy scrapbook paper and craft supplies (plus keep this blog going)! 

Craft goals for the winter

  1. MORE scrapbooking.  I haven't made a simple scrapbook page in months.  It needs to happen weekly and monthly for me to make progress.
  2. Progress(my word for the year) on projects that are on going.  Rug making, baby quilts, crochet and cross stitch projects are all started and need my attention.
  3. Learn to knit!  I want to make some fun hats for Christmas.  I bought needles so I can start learning this week! 
Giveaway for a Super Duper Knit Hat ebook -

Would you like to join me in learning this new skill????  If so, check out this knitting video series!  I will be sharing this "Adventure" on Instagram!  Be sure to follow Day to Day on social media.  You can pick your poison as we are on Instagram  Pinterest  Twitter and Facebook

Giveaway for a Super Duper Knit Hat ebook -

Also I'm super excited to celebrate learning to knit by offering Day to Day Adventures readers a chance to win a copy of my friend Evelyn's ebook, Super Duper Knit Hats for Beginners!  Be sure to read my review of this ebook

It has 6 easy patterns that can be done QUICKLY.  Love that word.  I need quick projects!

Fill out the form to enter to win YOUR free copy of this fun ebook!  This giveaway closes in one week on Sunday, October 16th.  Winner will be notified via email.

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