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What color is fall? #ColorOurWorld Orange

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What color is fall?  #ColorOurWorld ORANGE -

What color is fall?  I’m torn between orange and deep reds or rich browns.

Our yard has some awesome trees and I’m really feeling like fall is here because they are turning.  The pool is closed and we are working on fall chores in the garden on the nice days. 

Time to move our projects and adventures inside on the yucky cold wet days!

I’m thrilled to be part of a great group of bloggers on Project Beautiful:  Real Life - Real Living Facebook page(come over and join us!).  This month I’m joining several of them in the Color Our World round up! 

October is appropriately ORANGE. 

I hope you enjoy the posts below, there is orange cooking, parties and gardening!

Orange food first!

Let’s start with some fun Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

Pumpkin is everywhere on FB and pinterest right now and I love how these delicious looking sugar cookies look.  This recipe is from Teri McNeal Schuler of the Freshman Cook.  Great for a Halloween or Harvest party or just because!

Orange in the garden

This year we had a Crazy Climbing Volunteer Pumpkin vine that gave us some cute pumpkins even though I never planted it!  Garden magic can come from neglect!

Our garden was mostly a failure but these pumpkins were so fun to watch grow hanging from the fence!

If you want to know how you SHOULD grow pumpkins check out the great information and tips on Growing Orange Pumpkins from Lynne Cherot at Sensible Gardening and Living.

She gives some great tips on planting, growing, harvesting and crafting with pumpkins!

Fall flowers are such a gift. 

Orange Flowers For The Fall Garden from Karen Creel who writes at the Garden Chick is great list of flowers to include in your garden so that you have fall color when the flashy flowers of spring and summer are finished.


Blooming Secrets has such wonderful resources for the gardener!  She shares great ideas for incorporating orange in to the garden all year around in her post Orange You Glad It’s October.

I didn't know some of these flowers!  I'm adding several to my list for next year.


Party time with Orange

Are you hosting a party this fall? 

In Halloween Bliss, Terri Steffes’ post on decorating for a Halloween party has great tips for displaying food and using non scary decorations! 

I love that she uses Snoopy!  The Great Pumpkin and Charlie Brown are perfect to include in a Halloween party!

What color is fall?  #ColorOurWorld ORANGE -

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