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I have dreamed of this room for years and years.  It has almost all our schooling supplies in it.  There are more bookshelves and storage than I know what to do with.  I have all my scrapbook supplies and sewing supplies(minus some boxes of fabric) all in this room.  But that is NOT what this post is about.  Sorry for the rabbit trail. 


But I LOVE LOVE LOVE this room.  Today the awesome thing about my work room is of course our window seat with shelves.

Everyone in the family loves to sit on this seat.  Since this post I have made a cushion for it and it looks awesome. 

If you need a custom covered cushion, go check out the tutorial!


I've spent much of the winter looking out this window dreaming of spring.  It is the perfect place for reading, snoozing or just looking out the window at the GREEN grass that is growing like crazy. We can see who drives in the driveway and check on the puppies in the back yard. 


I didn't think it would be so perfect but it is!

Joshua found the perfect solution for right now to make the wooden seat more comfy.  He often reads in this seat when he's doing his homeschooling. 

THIS is one of the privileges of schooling at home.  You can pull your bean bag or pillow or blanket in to the spot in the sun to get comfortable.

My kids learn better when they are not stuck in their chair at a desk or table.  I've seen some very unusual ways of reading but I really like this one.  He's 12 and growing like a weed.  I am afraid he will not fit here next year.

What creative place do your children choose to read?

Some days are just better spent in PJs and comfy chairs.  Here's how we do the comfortable version of homeschooling! -