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4 AWESOME apps for organizing electronically

Kim Brush2 Comments

Time is precious.  There is never enough and we can’t buy more.  But we can be smart about how we use the 24 hours each day that we are given.

I’ve been using electronics as a tool to keep me on track with goals, to-do lists and all the things running through my mind!  Often if I can calm the chaos of what to do next I can be MUCH more productive each day.  

How to handle spring strawberry bed cleanup

GardenKim Brush2 Comments

Our family eats a lot of berries in a year.  Smoothies, yogurt with berries, berries with brownies and whip cream, strawberry shortcake, sugar free strawberry jam.  And that doesn’t count the plain ones eaten as a snack or for breakfast.

Mainly we eat TONS of strawberries but we love blueberries and raspberries as well.  So last year our big spring garden project was building square foot garden strawberry beds