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4 AWESOME apps for organizing electronically

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Need some help with finding apps that are good for organizing your life electronically?  Here are 4 that I wouldn't want to live without.  They save my sanity! -

Time is precious. 

There is never enough and we can’t buy more.  But we can be smart about how we use the 24 hours each day that we are given.

I’ve been using electronics as a tool to keep me on track with goals, to-do lists and all the things running through my mind! 

If I can calm the chaos of what to do next I can be MUCH more productive each day.  

ELECTRONIC organizing tools

I love having my organizing done electronically MOST of the time.  That means it is portable and I almost always have it with me.  Also it is shareable which allows me to delegate to my husband or children. 

Delegating is the BEST way to lighten the load each day! 

I will confess that sometimes I have to resort to good old pen and paper.  There is definitely something about physically writing down things that need to be done.  It’s like I unload my brain and then I don’t carry it around with me anymore after I write it down.  

But most of the time I use my phone and Ipad to keep track of things electronically.

4 apps I don’t want to live without


4 organzing apps that save my sanity on a daily basis! -

I’m a to-do list girl.  However when the list is rolling around in my mind, I often forget the most important things because I get caught up in the urgent. 

CommitTo3 is where I put the TOP 3 things that I want do for the day. 

Sometimes the top things are the most important. 

Sometimes the top things are the things I keep forgetting to do for a week and I MUST get them done or go crazy. 

Either way it is very satisfying to check them off!  You can also put in future tasks on the days coming up.

This is a free app.



4 organzing apps that save my sanity on a daily basis! -

There is power in having systems and habits in place to make your life more productive. 

Everything flows smoother and things get done.  I use this app to help me create new daily habits.

I started with a habit I NEEDED to do daily to help my hip heal.  I want to ride the bike or walk daily.  I entered it on Momentum and set the reminders so I CAN’T forget.  I love going in to check this off my list knowing that it is helping me to have more flexibility and strength. 

I also have other physical therapy exercises plus daily medicines entered.  There is a screen where you can track your progress.  You can look back and see how long you have maintained the habit. 

It is so encouraging!

Creating 3 reminders on Momentum is free but if you want more than 3 the app is $4.99. 


4 organzing apps that save my sanity on a daily basis! -

I love this app for my electronic lists.  I have one for groceries, library books, errands, music I want to buy, scripture I want to remember from church, books I have read and books I want to read. 

You get the idea.  I use this list making app for my personal life. 

Its great for sharing certain lists with others.

Being able to share the grocery list with my hubby or one of the kids is SO helpful. 

Remember the delegating thing? 

It allows them to help me by stopping at the store or even the library and it is easy to copy my list from Wunderlist and text them a list of needed items.



4 organzing apps that save my sanity on a daily basis! -

I’ve just started using this app and I love it for a couple of reasons. 

  • I can use it on my computer or my phone. 
  • It makes it easier to transfer information between the two. 
  • I can save websites or create documents on Evernote. 

My mental vision of this app is its like a virtual file cabinet or notebook that allows me to store files I want to come back to later. 

For now I am using it for blogging research and documents that I need to access repeatedly.  As I get more familiar with Evernote it is possible that I might switch to using this instead of Wunderlist for my personal organization as well.

Bonus app not for organizing


4 organzing apps that save my sanity on a daily basis! -

This app is my current favorite. 

In the past I loved coupon shopping.  It was fun and a challenge to find the best deals but I found it took over all my free time plus we bought a lot more processed foods that we didn’t really need to eat. 

This app allows me to save a few dollars each week without the time spent on searching for the best deals with coupons.

On Find&Save, each week there are coupons for different stores.  Last week I used an Aldi coupon for $1 and all I had to do was spend $25. 

That was something I would have done even without the coupon!  All I had to do was take a photo of my receipt in the app and within a day I had the $1 added to my account! 

There are a variety of stores on this app each week and so far I’m averaging $2-5 savings.  This isn’t a lot but over time it will add up.  This is a free app.

There you have it!  My top organization apps that keep me sane.  I've tried dozens and usually end up deleting them because they didn't fit my needs.  I'd love to hear what apps you use! 

Go ahead and comment and share what you LOVE!  I'll be sharing your contributions over on Day to Day's Facebook page in the next few days! 

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