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5 wonderful things about SPRING! // Life is Lovely #7

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5 wonderful things about SPRING! -

I can't pick my favorite season.  Spring is so welcome after winter that for a few months it is my choice.  But I LOVE the sun and growing season of summer.  Either way here are a few things that are making me HAPPY this week that are direct results of spring being here!

Shorts not jeans

We were in Colorado Springs last week and it was definitely jeans and hoodie weather.  I'm really grateful to be home and can pull out the shorts again!  Spring is warming up and it's time to be out in the garden!

Windows open

See my above reasons! Plus I sleep SO good when the windows are open to the cool night air.  Anyone else that way?


In the fall when it gets too cool for me to wear my sandals, I go into mourning.  I seriously love my sandals and dread socks and shoes.  My girls helped me celebrated spring this year by giving me a pedicure for my birthday in March.  It was fun to see my toes again all painted and pretty when sandal weather came back.

Lighter meals--We love to eat refreshing crisp salads in warmer weather or slow cooker meals that keep the kitchen cool.

School is finishing up--We still have 2 kids in our home school for 3 more weeks.  Then my daughter will officially graduate!  That will be third of our kids that we have seen grow into an adult and become ready to spread their wings.  She's ready and it is a super exciting time as we look forward to college and the fall.  Unfortunately my son and I are are still slugging away at our regular year's work.  The end is in sight and this is what we did when found that we were WAY behind on homeschooling.

I can't wait for summer, swimming, picnics, lightening bugs, gardening and more but for now I'm loving these things that spring has brought to my life!

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