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Simple Solutions - How to avoid ironing

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I am a totally lazy housekeeper.  If there is a short cut, I take it.

Time is precious and I’d much rather spend it making progress reading or working out in the garden.  In the spring there starts to be less and less housework done because there is so much to do outside.

Simple Solutions - How to avoid ironing

Necessary Tasks

However, we must have food to eat and clothes to wear no matter the season. 

My husband wears a shirt, tie and dress pants EVERYday to work. 

Poor guy but he’s used to it.  When I was a kid my mom would iron my dad's shirts and pants every weekend for the week.  Then as I was old enough, she gave me the job and it got old really quick.

Today I’m proud to say that I do not iron my husband's clothes but neither does he go to work looking wrinkled and disheveled because I’ve found a way around ironing.  

Solution to Ironing - Avoid it

I discovered this method was when began I hanging our clothes out on the line. 

Hubby’s shirts and pants would come in without wrinkles!  So I’d just hang them in the closet without ironing!  

But anytime I had to use the dryer, it was a battle remember to get the shirts and pants out before they started to wrinkle. 

With little kids and homeschooling?  That never happened. 

And I had no time to iron.  

Avoiding ironing works in all seasons

My preference is to hang clothes outside but in the winter that doesn't work very well.  The shower curtain rod is a blessing in cold weather but hooks on the back of doors work too.  Currently I have a small rod out on our porch that I use most of the time.

Do you despise ironing?  I do.  This is my simple solution to not having wrinkly dress clothes. -

Steps to avoiding ironing

1.  Wash clothes

2.  Toss the clothes in the dryer for 3-4 minutes to heat them up

3.  Stop the dryer

4.  Hang pants on clip hangers

5.  Hang shirts on hangers with clothes pins at the collars or if no collar upside down from the the hem(mainly my shirts)

6.  Move hangers to bathroom shower rod to dry overnight or a few hours during the day

7.  Optional step:  Move clothes off the “drying” hangers to regular ones so the drying ones are available for more shirts and pants when needed.

That’s it.  It is just one extra step.  Instead of tossing clothes in the dryer where I WILL forget them I just hang them after a quick fluff.  It keeps my hubby wrinkle free and me from slaving over the ironing board or feeling guilty that he goes to work looking crumpled and messy.

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Simple Solutions - How to avoid ironing

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