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Need Help with Clutter? Decluttering at the Speed of Life Review

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Clutter. I hate it. It drives me mad. But I seem to have a family and house that clutter reproduces in daily. No matter how many times I declutter there is MORE to deal with in another room. If you are a naturally organized person, then you might not relate to this but MANY of my readers and friends are messies like me so read on! Decluttering CAN be worked into real life and not overwhelm you.

An honest review of the new book from a Slob Comes Clean, Declutter at the Speed of Life.

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This week Dana White from A Slob Comes Clean is releasing a new book! Get your copy and start working on not just the piles but your plan to win the battle with all of your STUFF!

Decluttering at the Speed of Life

Don't you just love that title??

My BFF in real life had the opportunity to read an advanced copy and shared her review with me. My copy comes tomorrow and I can't wait to dig into it!!

Review of Decluttering At The Speed of Life: Winning Your Never-ending Battle with Stuff

I am someone who admits to having a history of so much clutter and excess in my house  that I was unable to enjoy my home. This book is different from any other home organizing or decluttering book that I have ever read because it’s written from the perspective of someone like me.

Most other “experts” are naturally organized or minimalists. It is refreshing to hear from someone who had the same struggles that I have and has found a way to conquer the clutter and lived to tell about it.

That gives me hope.

An honest review of the new book from a Slob Comes Clean, Declutter at the Speed of Life.
Following Dana White's guidelines from her blog, A Slob Comes Clean, and her first book How To Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind gave me a great start with strategies that actually work for me. This new book goes more in-depth into those strategies in a way that is entertaining, non-judgmental and easy to understand and implement.

Build the decluttering mindset

Decluttering isn’t stuff shifting or organizing, decluttering is THIS: stuff you don’t need, leaving your house. Simple right?

It sounds simple, but when you feel overwhelmed with too much stuff it sure doesn’t seem that simple. In Decluttering at the Speed of Life, you will learn new phrases such as Clutter Threshold,

“My Clutter Threshold is the point at which stuff becomes clutter in my home. When I’m living above my Clutter Threshold, there’s more stuff in my home than I can handle, and my house is consistently out of control. Living under my Clutter Threshold helps my home stay more naturally under control. I found mine (and you’ll find yours) through decluttering.”

Other terms you will also learn are Decluttering Paralysis, Decluttering Regret and Decluttering Momentum.

Container Concept helps me find the right amount of stuff

My house is the container for my stuff. My kitchen is the container for the things that belong in my kitchen. My pots and pans cabinet is the container for my pots and pans. If I have more pots and pans than will fit, it’s a mess and I can’t find what I need and things get lost in there.

Decluttering so that the best and most used items are in that cabinet means that there ends up being plenty of space. Do I need three pasta pots? No, do I have a skillet in the back that I never use because I hate it but have one that I use all the time? Yes, then the hated one can go.

I can only keep the amount that actually fits in a usable fashion.

The Container Concept sounds so simple but really can be mind-blowing and life changing.

It ISN'T about needing a bigger kitchen or a bigger house, it IS about living within the boundaries of the house you’re in now.

A good place to start is the Visibility Rule

Dana suggests starting with the most visible places in our homes first, for me, that’s my living room and kitchen. When someone comes to the door, that is what they see.

Getting those areas decluttered has allowed me to be able to get those rooms ‘guest ready’ in a very short amount of time.

Anything that is out either has a home and can be easily taken there or is something I don’t need and can go straight to the donation box or the trash. I can be ready for people in half an hour instead of a couple of hours with stuff being just moved behind a closed door. When you see that visible progress, it motivates you so much.

Decluttering At the Speed of Life by Dana K. White, the author of the blog A Slob Comes Clean is a well written, funny, engaging read for anyone who has ever struggled with too much stuff.

Go get your copy TODAY!