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Handmade Gift Planner and Organizer Review

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I confess I just got my Christmas decorations put away last week! I like that to happen MUCH earlier but it just didn’t happen right after Christmas. Another confession is I don’t know exactly where all my decorations are because hubby put them away. This frustrates me and I found the Handmade Gift Planner and Organizer this morning that is going to solve this problem and MANY others for me! This is my honest review of this digital resource from Jennifer at Self Reliant School for you, however, I do receive a referral amount for each bundle purchased! The Handmade Gift Planner and Organizer can be used for SO much more than just gifts!!!

**This blog post contains affiliate links. This means if you click them and make a purchase, I will get a small commission. It doesn’t change a thing for you and it helps me run this blog!

Handmade Gift Planner and Organizer

Calendar pages

This resources just blew my mind once I started digging into it. First, there are calendar pages that you can print out. I like weekly and daily pages in a planner so I can see details but it is so helpful to be able to look at a whole month or year to get the big picture!

Now I don’t need to search for a monthly calendar to print from the internet! There is also a basic weekly calendar that I’m going to use to write my weekly schedule on.

It isn't just a handmade gift planner

Personally, I think this resource could’ve been called a holiday planner! Each major holiday has its own section plus sections for birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations.


YES, at many of these holidays we give gifts.  So if you like to give Handmade Gifts then the lists for tracking what supplies that you have or need to buy will be very useful.  There are even lists for tracking projects/gifts that you “might” want to make down the road!

Back to Basics Handmade Gift Planner

BUT there is more. Each of the major holidays also have a menu planner, event list, and recipe section! Two of my personal favorite pages are the Memory page and the Christmas Decoration location page. So many times we don’t take the time to write down the special memories that occur at the holidays. If this page is used, the recorded memories will become a special gift to give our children and grandchildren! And the decor location page is JUST what this disorganized mama needs!  It is not just useful for Christmas decor but also the patriotic and fall decorations too!

So do not consider this a planner just for handmade gifts because it is SO MUCH more!


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