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Its a Wrap April 12, 2015

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It was a VERY busy week here.  By Friday Steve & I were both ready to just take off on a long vacation. 

Yeah that didn't happen.  Some times I just sit down and look at my beach pictures.  Seems like a vacation that way.  Not a lot of pics from this week so I'll share some great ones. 

Beach Sunrise Hilton Head

We jumped back into school on Monday with both feet.  I've looked at the numbers.  We have to crank out the school in April, May & June to make up for our VERY slow December & January.  In one way it is depressing to not be close to finishing but we all know why so their is no guilt or thoughts of being behind.  It is what it is. 

After lunch Elizabeth & I went to the lab to get more of her blood drawn.  She has an appointment in a couple of weeks with a rheumatologist and this got a jump on the blood work that will be needed.  No fainting so that was AWESOME!

On Tuesday, I had a special opportunity to visit with a friend who I hadn't seen in 8 years.  We caught up, talked about grace, forgiveness.  We cried and prayed.  So special.  After our errands in town Megan and I got to take a meal to a friend who had surgery coming up.  Fun to see their house--so beautiful.  Her surgery was a success and there was NO cancer so that gave us the opportunity to celebrate later in the week. 


Another BIG school day on Wednesday.  Seems like it's been raining all week.  Thank goodness for the driveway work we had done so there is no more moat.  I also found the first green little  asparagus in our garden!

The big event on Thursday was that Riley & I started puppy obedience school.  She's really smart but has gotten the idea that she's in charge around here.  That is due to my not being 100% during her first year.   Not good for a BIG dog.

So we are taking lessons.  Unfortunately for me the class was FULL.  Riley not being mild mannered tried to yank my arm off and didn't have the slightest interest in learning. 

I survived.  Barely. 

It was the most energy I had expended in 9 months.  She's doing great at home so we will see about this weeks class.

See isn't that more peaceful than a 90 pound obnoxious dog?

See isn't that more peaceful than a 90 pound obnoxious dog?

Friday I tackled some work I'd been putting off.  Due to all the junk in the past two years I'm later than I like in getting Megan's transcript started.  So I straightened out some messes in that area.  After 5 we met Steve for dinner & went clothes shopping.  If you haven't seen Joshua lately well he's growing like a weed. 

Last Bible Quiz practice before Nationals was on Saturday!  I'm so ready to get our Saturday's back.  We've been on the road every other Saturday since December.  It's time to put some time in our 2015 Garden!

Big Plans this week?

Begin planning for Nationals!


Estimates on plumbing in the house


Go see hand specialist for Megan


(are you seeing a theme?)