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It is a Wrap Sunday March 22, 2015

Kim BrushComment
Its a wrap

Every week I think “Can we have a normal week?”  Instead I'm coming to realize that this amount of crazy is our new normal.  Joy.

I have gotten to the point that I crave my days at home.  Monday’s are almost always spent at home.  That is probably why we get a TON done on Monday’s.  Major victory last week was that most days I was I was able to get up at a decent hour & get our day rolling.  So on Monday we really packed in the school work.   Monday is also my laundry day so by dinner time I feel like I have really accomplished somethings.


All this comes to a screeching halt on Tuesday’s.  We might get math done, a couple chapters quoted and a sack lunch packed.  Then it is errand day.  Steve and I did manage to grab lunch together this week.  Yeah—mini -date!  After I dropped all the kids off in various places, I got the privilege of sitting at  the tire shop for an hour and a half.  A couple of my tires had been steadily losing air from a couple of holes.  Not good.  It was some uninterrupted time to work on posts.  That was a blessing as was the fact that it was over 70 degrees outside!

Window seat & shelves

Wednesday started out MUCH cooler which meant Steve worked inside on projects.  He finally got the LAST coat of varnish on our new window seat and shelves.  They are so beautiful.  Before he got started on that we had someone look at our moat, I mean the driveway.  Every time it rains we have a big issue.   So soon we are going to have fixed!  YEAH!! 

school desk

Thursday was busy again.  Joshua and I had another FULL day of school.  After Megan’s English class ended, she went to a birthday party.  Lots of fun!  She dressed up as a ninja for the party.  Elizabeth moved home for 10 days for spring break.  Busy day!

In my free moments, I was getting ready for the Spring Scrapbook Getaway.  After not touching photos for a year it was interesting.  Thankfully when I loaded it up a year ago it was pretty organized.  The kids made a couple of desserts and breakfasts for some of the ladies who were going as part of their fundraiser.  On Thursday evening, we got all that finished up.

The crop started Friday morning.  We made a stop at the Amish to pick up some bulk food for a friend from Council Bluffs then we drove north of Moberly to a house on Thomas Hill Lake.  Only 7 of us went this time so it was VERY laid back and quiet.  My time was divided between digital scrap booking and the old fashioned cutting paper and arranging printed pictures.  Precious time with some of my best friends.