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It is a Wrap Sunday March 29, 2015

Kim BrushComment
Wrap up of our week

Was it just a week ago I was on a getaway weekend with my scrapbook friends?????

Scrapbook Ladies Spring 2015

We all look forward to our Spring and Fall time to getaway, relax, scrapbook & just hang out together.  There was no getaway in the fall for many reasons.  My eye infection mainly but scheduling difficulties as well.  So glad to get to go this year.  A sweet family rents us their lake house for a very reasonable price & we LOVE going there.  Even with no green on the trees it was beautiful and peaceful. 

On Monday Megan and I went to her first occupational therapy appointment for her wrists.  We were hopeful that she would get some strength exercises for her aching wrists & loose ligaments.  But what we got was more "hmmm that's odd" from the OT guy.  So we set up an appointment in April to see a hand/arm specialist.  :(

Elizabeth was home this week for spring break so on Tuesday she went to piano and Bible Study with us.  Just like the "old days."  She also has been dealing with joint pain.  I wish I could figure out what is going on with my girls.  Celiac causes joint pain but Elizabeth has been gluten free for several months now.  This is a new thing.  More research & doctor appointments are in our future.

Thursday was exciting!  In my daughter's words "Ladies and gentlemen, I LOVE what God gave me. I just saw room for experimentation"  She is so fun!  Here is the result and for the record I think she's beautiful.

We've been living with a moat in our driveway for a year and a half.  The picture is actually a huge understatement of what we've had.  When it was frozen it was truly a skating rink.

Anytime it rains or snows we have a lot of standing water.  So on Friday we had a friend's landscape company come and work on the pot holes and move some dirt around.  We were sad that we had to leave before they were done.

The improvement was amazing to see when we returned from our quizzing trip over the weekend.

Driveway moat

Bible Quizzing Regional's in St. Joseph, Missouri was Friday and Saturday.  Elizabeth helped by assistant coaching Moxie, Megan is on Tongues of Fire which I assistant coach and Joshua's team, Sparta, is coached by Dad.  Definitely a family affair.  All three teams did REALLY well and we came home safely Saturday night. 

We are looking forward to get some projects going this week as the weather warms up.  Yeah!