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Have you ever wanted to pick my brain about homeschooling?

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Have you ever wanted to pick a homeschool mom's brain?  Then check out this interview!  -

Have you ever wondered why people choose to homeschool their kids? 

I'm sure that you have. 

There are so many questions. 

  • Do we stay in our pjs all day? 
  • HOW do you stand being with your kids 24/7? 
  • What do you do to socialize your kids? 
  • Will you do this through highschool?
  • Do you get money for teaching them at home?? (um NO!)

You can get the inside scoop from Jenny over at Faith and Good Works in her series "Interview with a Homeschool Mom." 

In 2016, she will be sharing reflections from 25 homeschooling moms every two weeks. 


This week I get to be the featured mom!!!  I'm excited and would love for you to go check out my "interview" and then bookmark the list of all the homeschool bloggers to read throughout 2016.

Interview with a Homeschool Mom -

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