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Blooming Apple & Peach Trees

GardenKim Brush1 Comment

All the trees are blooming.  God's showing off his creativity.  I love it!


Apple blossoms


We had crazy amounts of apples blooms last year.  This year?  Not so much.  Guess its a good thing I made LOTS of apple sauce & apple butter last year.

Surely with all these peach blooms there will be peaches this year.  None for the last two years.  Much sadness.  Many of the trees on our little home place have been neglected for several years.  Much pruning needs to be done.  The peach tree is about half dead.  This year it may come down.  

peach tree blooms

We planted a few new trees and they survived!

I can't wait until we get back from Bible Quizzing Nationals to start working in the garden & flower beds.

Of course God is keeping our yard beautiful . . . . .


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