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It is a Wrap April 19, 2015

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Over the weekend we discovered that Megan's glasses were falling apart.  Well the coating was peeling off her lenses making it difficult to see.  Lucky for us we got her in quick on Monday afternoon. 

So she scored some new glasses and they are super cute on her!  Well when she's not being totally silly with a pepper in her mouth!


My heart wasn't on running errands.  So I just headed home and spent a couple of hours outside on the mower taming the jungle of grass in my yard.  I LOVE sunshine and this was a wonderful treat for me. 



Steve had a friend/client out early to see where to deliver some hay.  We are ready to start on our 2015 Garden Plans when we get back from Bible Quizzing Nationals.  Free hay will help us get going on that job.  Then a plumber came out to give us an estimate on fixing the plumbing in our house.  AWESOME news is that it looks like it won't be as big of a job as we thought.  Still messy and a pain but no ripping up the floor.

I had an appointment to check my eye and got a GREAT report.  Everything looks healthy, it is slowly healing and is progressing as the doctor expects.  I go back in 2 months.



Megan got to see the hand specialist for some wrist pain that she's been dealing with for a while.  He found nothing wrong on the x-rays.  So she will take an anti-inflammatory for 6 weeks and then go back to recheck.  Good nothing is wrong but still a mystery.

Blurry pic but totally Megan

Blurry pic but totally Megan


A friend of Megan's is now driving so I didn't have to take her to her English class.  I got the mowing finished after Joshua & I battled it out over math.  All the trees blooming were blooming so I spent a bunch of time out in the flower garden digging up dandelions.  That evening at Central Christian College of the Bible there was a women's banquet.  My sweet daughter invited me to join her to listen to Susan Lawrence speak & have dinner.  Fun event!  Elizabeth drove home after that since her aches/pains & fatigue seemed to be getting worse.  I think she wanted to be babied(ha!)

The kids have been SUPER busy this week studying for National's.  If you think of them next week, please say a prayer for their energy levels & that they can do their best as they compete in Pittsburgh, PA.  A prayer for the parents wouldn't hurt either!


Michael & Rebekah closed on their house in St. Louis finally!  They have the keys and are ready to start moving!

I picked up 40# of hamburger from Zaycon.  I LOVE this company and the meat they provide.  I HIGHLY recommend it.  If you click on the link above, then I make a little from the referral.  But I'd recommend it even if I didn't--we like it that much.  The prices are excellent too.  Check it out!

Earlier this spring I did the same thing with 40# of Chicken.  Check out the recipes tab above for some of the recipes that I used!


Megan had the ACT at the high school in Hallsville.  Joshua got to go play games with his brother daddy & grandpa. Unfortunately Elizabeth was feeling worse so Steve's game time got interrupted so he could take her to Urgent Care. 

She had to miss Baby Brush's shower but she was able to get a different anti-inflammatory that seems to be doing a better job to control her pain.  Keep praying for her.  The appointment with the rheumatologist is about a week away.

Rebekah quilt

Baby Brush's shower was a lot of fun!  Rebekah was excited to get some sweet little outfits and useful items to prepare for their little one due early in June.  One very special gift she received was the beginning of a quilt from her mom that was made from her dad's shirts.   


A day of rest.  More than half of us here feeling sick or exhausted.  We spent some time listening to it rain, reading and just hanging out together.  Pray that we can bounce back and be ready for a BIG week coming up!

It's a Wrap

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