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Growing a Crowded Garden

GardenKim2 Comments

I love tomatoes. 

You would know that if you could stand beside my garden spot.

Last year we had around 25 tomato plants.  This year there are 33.  I think I am probably at the max for this spot. 

And yes I know I am CRAZY to have that many plants!

The really cool thing that I am thankful for is that I canned/froze enough diced tomatoes for our family for 9 months.  Not to shabby for around a $5-10 investment.  It isn’t usually that much but I bought some t-posts for holding up my fencing.  So hopefully this year we will go for a full year without buying tomatoes from the store.


Since I bought those posts I am changing how I “cage” my tomatoes.  I used to use the normal circular cages.  That took up A LOT of room.

Now I am using what I call a trellis but it is just some fencing that we used to keep the dog out of my flower gardens.  Using the t-posts to keep the fence upright seems to be sturdier than the circular cages which seem to blow over whenever a Missouri thunderstorm comes through.

It allows me to plant things a little closer together.  It is SO much easier to weed and water everything.  Speaking of weeding.  I do have helpers who are great at pulling weeds & finding those yucky tomatoes caterpillars!

Gardening should be a family thing!  My men turn over the soil, I plan it out, the kids & I plant & everyone helps with weeding & harvesting.  Here is a prize from last year!

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