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Zig Zag Quilt

Kim2 Comments

Spring cleaning continues!  In going through boxes & drawers in an effort to consolidate & purge I found this quilt that I had started a while back.


I love the blue colors and the way it went together!


I know that you can imagine how sad I was when I got it all laid out only to realize that I was one block short!!!

I seriously started this a couple of years ago so finding all the fabric again at the store was NOT going to happen.

Have I mentioned I am a pack rat when it comes to fabric?  I have a hard time getting rid of fabric or books.  Those are my weaknesses!


So I dug through my scraps and was thrilled that I had all the fabric I needed except for the basic blue that goes in the center of each block.  ARG!

After a trip to the local Jo Ann’s Fabric Store I found a solid blue that is so close that no one will ever know.

Now I just need a few hours to put that final block together.  Okay who am I kidding?  Maybe a few minutes of time here and there will make it happen over the next few weeks!