Day to Day Adventures

Storms, Books & Plants

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Wow life has been CRAZY around here!  Storms, graduations, moving the oldest son home and just the regular craziness!

(Sunshine at our house with storm clouds east of us)

We’ve been going through boxes and cleaning out the storage room.  I don’t keep everything from my children’s growing years but I will admit to being a bit of a packrat when it comes to books. 

I have kept my favorites, their favorites and any books that were given to them.  Memories are precious, however, I am making myself go through their boxes & pare it down.  It is hard but there is only so much room available.

School is almost finished up for the year.  So this a good time to do some spring cleaning!  Spring has been so unpredictable here.  One day is warm the next we are worry about frost—in MAY!  Last week we got our plants in the garden.  Each of the kids planted a few plants & helped me dig holes & set up our trellis.

We increased our number of plants again this year.  33 tomatoes & 8 peppers!!!  I don’t have a single round tomato cage this year.  I am going to tie the plants up on trellises  or the fence.  Much more efficient use of space.  I also love being able to walk between the plants with a bit more room.  It will make weeding easier to keep up with.

However I don’t have a picture because it promptly rained for 4 days straight after we planted!  So my flowers(that were bought at the same as the vegies) are still waiting to get in the ground!

I love summer.  It seems we are home more.  Work outside together as a family more.  We often choose to do a project on Steve’s weekends off and that while exhausting is a great way to  build memories and knit our family closer together.

This weekend coming up we have several possible projects to work on.  Building fence, finishing woodwork in the bathroom, building a loft bed, sanding drywall?  It would be awesome to get one or two of these done so when our week long vacation comes then we won’t feel like we NEED to stay home and work.  I am looking forward to getting away for a few days to enjoy some camping, fishing, or sitting in lawn chair watching the sun go down!

I am not sure what we will choose to accomplish this weekend(depends on the weather). Whatever happens being together as a family is a wonderful thing & I am SO thankful when Steve gets a weekend off to be at home.