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What they don't tell you about Hip Replacement Surgery

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I never thought I'd be having a hip replacement at 43 but I did. There are somethings I just didn’t want to know about this major surgery.

What they don't tell you about Hip Replacement Surgery

Like HOW they are going to replace the joint. I just didn't think about it. I like living in my own little imaginary world.

Deep down you know that they are going to use something to take out the bone but you don’t want to know exactly what. 

Anyway . . . .

Today marks 6 weeks and I am headed back to see the doctor. I’m doing well with walking without a cane in the house. Each day/week I get a little stronger and I’m able to do more of my normal activities. 

I’m hopeful I will be cleared to drive today.  That and bending past 90 degrees are my two biggest dreams right now. Ha!

The following list might be personalized to just me but I have a feeling some of the things probably go for anyone who goes through recovering from getting a new hip.

10 Things they don't tell you about Hip Replacement Surgery

1. When they tell you that you will be standing the day of surgery. They mean it. What they don't tell you is that sometimes your blood pressure will be so low that you will try to pass out just sitting up in the bed.

That is the best fun let me tell you. NOT! That's when you need to say "I'm going to pass out." It gets you out of standing for another day.

10 things they don't tell you about hip replacement surgery

2.  When you emerge from the fog of pain meds(after the first few days) you will have this overwhelming urge to sleep on your side despite the fact that you know you can’t. Or maybe that is WHY you want to--because you can't (at least at first).

3.  Getting in the shower can be quite an adventures if you have a tub. You might go a couple of weeks(at least) with just sponge baths. I'm now totally in love with hot water and being clean. Really thankful for it too!

What they don't tell you about hip replacement surgery

4.    You will hurt in a lot of other places than your hip after surgery. Using a walker and then the cane makes other muscles like your arms, knees and abs work more so that maybe where you are sore!

5.  Don’t plan to go anywhere. Seriously. If you can, accept staying home at least for a month. Going out is exhausting. Ask me how I know.

6.  Find productive things you can do from your seat.  Seriously it will help you not go crazy. My favorites? Reading, lots of Netflix, coloring, blogging, organizing photos and backing them up, crochet or needle work projects.

7.  Expect to get frustrated. Acknowledge that you are not happy with how things are going. Apologize in advance for snapping, crying and loosing it with your family.

It is gonna happen. Trust me.

8.  Your expectations will be WAY too high.  See #7 above.

9.  Sitting will get REALLY old. You are going to want to be up and doing things. That will come. Slowly. Get up and and at least stand(walking is better) each hour.

Do it. You will feel like you actually accomplished something amazing every time. 

10.  Your legs may feel very funky! For the first few weeks my operative leg felt really long compared to the nonoperative one. It doesn’t last. You will get used to it and not feel so lopsided.

So that's it! I'm battling through PT right now and it's hard. But in a totally good way.

NEXT milestone?  I'm SO looking forward to the day that I can put my socks and shoes on all by myself.

There are things that you just learn as you recover from surgery.  Somethings are a surprise! What they don't tell you about Hip Replacement Surgery -

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