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Real Life Lesson #10 / Developing Healthy Young Adult Relationships

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As a mom I have worked on my kids character, academics and now as they are reaching adulthood we have focused a lot of energy on discussions and lessons on what “real life” will be like.

My daughter and I started discussing how to interact with people yesterday.  There is so much to learn about having good adult relationships!

Relationships are the most important thing

We all have to DO things and survive this crazy life but at the end of our days the most important thing is going to be the quality of our relationships.  I touched on this in lesson #8 How to change the world one person at a time aka How to not be a jerk to others but I want to dig a little deeper into this topic because it is SO important.

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Work on yourself

One of the biggest lessons we can teach our children is that they need to look more internally than externally.  Jesus told us we should take the plank out of our own eye BEFORE we look at other’s splinters.  

Here are a few questions to prompt our kids to answer(to you or to themselves):

  • Are you kind? 
  • Are you patient?
  • How do you react when things don’t go your way?
  • Can you keep it together when you are frustrated? 
  • How do you respond when you are attacked verbally?

We all have areas of character that we fail in and need to work on our whole lives.  By teaching them to look more intensely at themselves then they won’t be judging others nearly as much. 

It’s hard to think of yourself as “better than others” when you know exactly how far you still need to go. 


Develop Healthy Relationships as a young adult

In developing relationships, it is good to be on "alert" for good and bad behaviors in others. As parents we need to equip our young adults with relationship survival skills! 

If they can recognize toxic behaviors and avoid getting involved too deeply with people who exhibit them then they will be saved a lot of pain and heartache.  I'm not saying avoid those people completely but our children need to recognize actions and words that indicate what kind of person they are dealing with so that they can be cautious about getting involved in a potentially damaging relationship. 

Today's freebie is a great printable to share with your young adult.  Talk about what these behaviors might look like and how to be aware of them.

Go to the experts in relationships

I’m a mom and a homeschool teacher.  I am no expert in the area of relationships but I have had to navigate many of them in my life.  At times I was lost in how to handle certain relationships and I’ve found some great books that helped me on my journey.  I encourage you to share these with your teens and adult children.  Reading about strategies and ideas ahead of the problem can be really helpful.

We use several of these as we talk with our kids about their future spouse and marriage.  Are you doing that?  If not you should.  How do our kids know what to look for in a mate? 

What they think and what you think might be drastically different.

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