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11 Things Keeping Me Sane Waiting at the ICU

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A little over 2 weeks ago my life did a 90 degree turn.  My dad had a car wreck and that put him on the path to being in the ICU for 14 days(so far).  This is not the first time I’ve see life turn on a dime. I knew it was happening as I watched the events unfold. Have you had those moments?  I pray that you never spend hours in the hospital waiting room or have to pack a bag to keep you busy while you wait in an ER but if you do I hope that this list gives you some ideas on what to take.

4 self-care areas for MOMs that make families healthier and happier

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Valentine’s Day has come and gone. The official Hallmark day of romance and love is often one that is pointed outward. We show our loved ones how much we care by sending cards, giving gifts and flowers. There is nothing wrong with that! But it got me thinking about the ways that I care for myself and how it benefits my family. Have you ever considered how you caring for yourself benefits your family?  It was a paradigm shift for me!

Healthy eating reboot

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Have you ever had to give up all the “normal” things in your life? When your paradigm shifts and there is a new normal it is REALLY difficult to feel right with the world. Everything changes. Your routines don’t work anymore. Normal activities that were effortless are now impossible. And food. How do you get excited to fix healthy food for yourself(or your family) when you aren’t hungry or it hurts to be in the kitchen for very long. It is really hard to find your way back from that season of life. That's where I've been for several years but 2017 is going to be a year of new BEGINNINGS for me. 

Are you there too? Read on my friend. Today is all about a healthy eating reboot.