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Finding normal is making a difference in living life well

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I love to sit in my chair each morning with a mug of tea and sip it slowly until I'm really awake.  Then I check my email, Facebook, etc etc

Then BAM it is 10 o’clock and I have done nothing & still need a shower.  Not the best way to start my morning.   

I WANT to be living each day well

There have been a lot of ups and downs and changes in our lives in the last year. Each attempt I made at a routine or schedule just fell flat. Then in August of 2015, I bought the Make Over Your Morning eCourse from Money Saving Mom. She's an amazing blogger and homeschool mom. I figured she would have some great ideas on how to make life run a little smoother around here. (affiliate link).

I want each day to have purpose.  Learning to live life well through the Make Over Your Morning ecourse is making a difference in finding normal!-

I was right and after going through the course in the fall I was super happy with the progress we were making both in home schooling and getting many other projects completed.

Then December happened. 

There was surgery for me in the middle of the month, the holidays and 6 weeks of recovery.  Needless to say our routine has been non-existent. 

Survival mode is ok for a while but I’m really feeling the urge to find our normal again. Recovering from hip replacement surgery required a lot of rest and adjustment. 

But it is time to become more deliberate with our time and energy.

It is time to find our normal routine again.

What Make Over Your Mornings is NOT

  1. It is not a get up earlier or stay up late course.  Although getting up earlier did help me in the fall.
  2. Complete laid out plan for how to do each day.
  3. A set of unrealistic routines that don’t work.

What Make Over Your Mornings IS

  1. Gentle guidance on becoming more intentional & productive with time.
  2. Just the right amount of materials:  5 minute videos, workbook(printable or just read it as a pdf) with “homework” printables to guide you through each chapter.
  3. Wisdom shared on how to handle the goals, dream and day to day life of a busy mom.

Finding our normal is making a difference

Next week I will share how the first 5 chapters have helped me get our mornings back in shape.  I'm already work on the first concept of controlling my sleep time.  It's heading in the right direction but I'm giving myself lots of grace.  Physical therapy plays havoc with how much sleep I need day to day.

We are creeping back into normal (much to my 13 year old son's sadness) and school is happening on a much more regular basis.  I want to finish the second half of our school year well.  That means working diligently so we won't be doing math in July.  This mama wants to be outside in the summer!

So join me if you are interested in making some strides towards living life well and not just wasting the time without knowing where you are headed each day. Go checkout the Make Over Your Morning eCourse from Money Saving Mom

First Chapter of Make Over Your Mornings Course is FREE!

You can't loose on this.  Try it before you buy it!  I loved getting a taste of Make Over Your Mornings before committing to the whole 14 days. 

Seriously 14 days is so doable

(Even if it takes longer than 14 days to get through it!  Ask me how I know!). 

Do it!  You know that you want to be more prepared each day to tackle what is most important. 

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