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10 Things to BEGIN in 2017

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New beginnings at the New Year

A year ago I felt like I was so STUCK in a place I didn’t want to be but I was limited by my physical ability to walk, bend and the stamina that I did NOT have. It was so frustrating but I also had a sense that I was ready to get started on a lot of things and that led me to choose PROGRESS as my word for 2016. It proved to be very appropriate and I made huge progress on walking, balance, taking the stairs and flexibility, plus more fun things like crafts and gardening. For 2017, I am looking forward to lots of opportunities for beginning new things. That doesn’t mean I want to abandon the progress I’ve made but the feeling that NEW stuff is right around the corner is really strong.

Easy steps to decrystallize honey

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Sweet honey!  We love it around here. 

By purchasing it locally from the Amish that live just north of us we get a better deal and take advantage of the health benefits of using honey instead of sugar. 

Is thick honey bad?

In December the honey I got was not a golden brown but a much lighter color.  Once I got it home I realized that the honey wasn’t easy to pour and would need to be decrystallized.