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10 Things to BEGIN in 2017

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There are so many exciting beginnings that will be happening in 2017!  I can't wait -

New beginnings at the New Year

A year ago I felt like I was so STUCK in a place I didn’t want to be but I was limited by my physical ability to walk, bend and the stamina that I did NOT have. It was so frustrating but I also had a sense that I was ready to get started on a lot of things and that led me to choose PROGRESS as my word for 2016. It proved to be very appropriate and I made huge progress on walking, balance, taking the stairs and flexibility, plus more fun things like crafts and gardening. For 2017, I am looking forward to lots of opportunities for beginning new things. That doesn’t mean I want to abandon the progress I’ve made but the feeling that NEW stuff is right around the corner is really strong.

New Job Situation!

Our family is experiencing a big change because my husband is opening his own business in the next few months. That means lots of scary, faith building, prayer filled days but we all know that it is a GOOD thing. He’s great at what he does and this step allows him to create a work environment that fits his personality and world view. So that why I'm thinking about BEGINNINGS and I want a list of what I’m looking forward to in 2017 so I can look back and see what did start this year!

10 Beginnings for 2017

There are so many exciting beginnings that will be happening in 2017!  I can't wait -

Begin a new budget for our family.  

Our income has gone WAY down for this change of job so we are tightening our belts and looking to do things more creatively to save our pennies. I’m a numbers girl so it doesn’t bother me to keep track of it all. What I do fail at is doing this consistently so this feels like big good challenge. One that I want to make a great beginning on!

There are so many exciting beginnings that will be happening in 2017!  I can't wait -

Begin my garden plants.

THIS year I am going to start seedlings instead of buying all the plants! Again this is a dream that has been on hold for a long while! Yes I dream about digging in the dirt! I’m ready to get the calendar out and count the days until it is warm again!!!


Begin a more regular routine.  My youngest is the only one who is still doing school at home so it’s weird to need a schedule for just him. But we don’t get as much done without one! So as we ease back into school in the next week, we are also going to implement a schedule for ourselves! All those tasks:  cleaning, writing for the blog, helping my husband with his social media and all the rest needs to happen and I need to KNOW when everything is going to happen. Flying by the seat of my pants only gets me so far.

There are so many exciting beginnings that will be happening in 2017!  I can't wait -

Beginning college classes (for my oldest daughter).

A year ago, right before my hip surgery, my daughter came home from college because she was dealing with Fibromyalgia and the pain from MANY food sensitivities. 

She has made amazing progress with changing her diet and using physical therapy. So after a year of online classes under her belt, she has registered for classes on campus again. We are all excited about this new beginning for her!

Begin to improve my role of mom/homemaker. This seems like something you can’t put down or stop doing but I’ve noticed over this year of recovery that I’ve let things really slide.  Projects haven’t happened. Clutter has accumulated. Our meals are not as healthy so stepping back in to this role and doing a better job is a task I am looking forward to starting.
Begin fixing more healthy meals. No, I am not making a big proclamation about going on a diet. I have a food lifestyle that I love but honestly I’ve not a good job of sticking to it. Not wanting to stand takes all the joy out of making meals. It takes stamina to be in the kitchen 3 times a day and to make freezer meals for “those” crazy days. So I’m doing a reboot of eating like a Trim Healthy Mama in January and I will share about that soon!

Begin moving more. Confession time:  my bum hip kept me from moving and walking as much as I need to do but I’ve carried that over in to my recovery. Sitting doesn’t build stamina and it definitely doesn’t help your over all health. I’ve got a plan to get more movement and I’m starting it NOW!  More to come on that.

There are so many exciting beginnings that will be happening in 2017!  I can't wait -

Beginning a set time for crafts. 

One of the “privileges” of a slow recovery from hip replacement is that you have lots of time for crafting! Recovery is over so craft time has shrunk. I have scrapbooks to fill, yarn to knit and crochet, sweet, little granddaughter dresses to sew and a rag rug to finish! That all takes time so I'm beginning to set time aside for crafts each week!

Begin the what to do “after” homeschooling. This has been a big thing on my heart. After homeschooling for 20+ years, there are a lot of dreams that are rolling around in my head. I’m prayerfully considering what the path will be for me. That’s the beginning and I don’t have a clue where it’s going to look like! But it sure is exciting to think about!

Begin to build the friendships I’ve neglected. When you hurt and don’t have energy then you tend to stay home and not interact as much. I’ve not been as involved with some of my friends and at church. It’s time to start building that back up and investing more in people!

No resolutions just goals and beginnings

I don't really like the idea of resolutions but I LOVE goals and beginnings. If I can move forward on all 10 of these beginnings then I think that 2017 is going to be amazing! I'd love to hear what your resolutions or beginnings are for the coming year. Comment below or hop over to Facebook and leave me a message sharing what you look forward to in 2017.

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