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Weight gain frustrations on THM

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I've gained 10 pounds since August.  There I just laid it out there for you all to read.  Kinda gives me a pain to say it.  I'm struggling because I don't have a bunch of clothes that fit right now.  There is a reason.  Pain meds, healing, inactivity, healing, winter, healing. 

See the theme?

weight loss


Some where along the way as I was surfing the internet, I read about the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan. (affiliate) After ordering and reading the book in April 2013 I made some changes to the way our family eats.

From April 2013 to July 2014, I lost about 20-25 pounds following the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle.  In the past I'd tried every diet under the sun, exercised as much as I could and limited my calories. 

NOTHING worked.  I felt like I was banging my head against a wall. 

I lost & gained the same 5 pounds for years.  I wanted to feel healthier which meant not hauling around the extra weight. The weight loss when I was on the THM plan was slow but I was ok with that as long as I saw some progress.

What we changed

  • For me to loose I had to fuel my body with just one main fuel per meal.  That meant pairing protein with carbs OR fat at each meal--not both.  My family would pair it any way they wanted.  They are all at healthy weights.
  • Most carbs that we eat are low glycemic.  Brown rice, sprouted wheat, sweet potatoes.  Some cereal, bread, white potatoes for those who can handle the rise in blood sugar.
  • LOTS of protein and good fats. 
  • Our intake of veggies has gone way up. 
  • My wonky up and down blood sugar issues were no longer giving me problems.
  • With this lifestyle I’ve kicked the soda habit & the cravings are gone!!  I was hooked on Pepsi for YEARS!
  • Elizabeth's Celiac limitations work well with the THM plan. 
  • Steve & the other kids still get plenty of food and don't feel starved at all.  In short this works for us.

Pancreatic Cancer & Delusions

The past 2-3 years have been incredibly stressful for for us as a family.  My mom & dad's health problems created a situation where I was on edge and stressed ALL the time.  I found if I could follow the THM plan then I could cope.  However, if I indulged in sugar, wheat, or other off plan items I became unable to help my parents or my own family. 

Plus I felt LOUSY!!!!  After starting THM, my joints didn't hurt as much and I felt much less bloated.  The THM lifestyle was part of what saved my sanity during that season.  My friend, family & faith were the other factors that I leaned heavily on.

I slowly was building a smaller wardrobe & had gotten rid of my "fat" clothes.  I was even able to start a consistent workout plan.  Seemed like my new size was here to stay. Yeah!!!! 

Then at the end of July 2014 I got a fungal infection my right eye.  That's when I needed the pain meds.  I've learned a lot of things from the infection & cornea transplant that I had in December. 

Healing & Weight Loss

While I was hurt, I didn't change the way I ate.  But while my body worked on healing the "broken" part of me, it had to put loosing weight on pause.  Getting healthy meant something totally different. 

Weight Gain Frustratiosn on THM -

What really changed was that my body REQUIRED rest. 

I often think that my eye problems were God's way of saying "Ok you have worked REALLY hard for 2 years and now it is time to take a break and rest." 

That is NOT how I thought that stage of my life would look like but God was right.  I needed time to process it all and rest.  That plus some serious inactivity from the fatigue I experienced is what helped me put back on 10 pounds.

So what now?

It is incredibly frustrating to be eating in a healthy way that had worked so well and still gain. 

I'm still following the THM lifestyle.  However, I've had to change a few things again. 

The weight wasn't moving even though I inched my way toward more activity in Feb-March. So in April I've been trying scheduled freestyle days. For more details on the THM plan or the Trim Healthy store go to Trim Healthy Mama website.(affiliate link). Or if you are local--ask me--I have a book that you can borrow. Below is my weekly "plan."
Scheduled Free cycle

Here's my menu for a week of scheduled free cycling.  It's VERY similar each week & this makes meal planning super simple for me!  I just recopy the week before on to my menu planner (free download). 

This help my brain not to explode.  I'm kidding--kind of.

How's it working?

Well the scale is moving again.  Again REALLY slowly.  I've done scheduled free cycling for 3 weeks and I'm holding steady at 2 pounds lost.  Honestly, I'm a little tired of the being so strict so next week is a week off for me.  We are traveling so that works out perfectly.  I'll still be on plan.  I'm planning to maintain the pounds that I have lost and come back ready to jump back in.

Let me know if you decide to give this a try! 

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More THM help!

Recipe Notebook Pages

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Last week I posted about how helpful my new Recipe Notebooks have been in keeping me organized.  I need a paper copy of our "Family Favorites" so I don't have to go to Pinterest or another website every time I get ready to fix a snack or a meal.  My big 3 ring binder was bursting at the seams and this has been the perfect winter project as I look outside and dream of green grass and flowers!

Once I got my notebooks from Staples I was ready to put the recipes together so they were neat and tidy.  I created my format then got to work copy and pasting from Pinterest. 

Here is the finished product. 

I'm so close to being able to make these available for others to use!  It is so fun to create something useful!  These are 5 x 8 inch size but I'm working on a 8.5x11 inch size for those who want a larger notebook. 

Here are a few previews of the section pages!

Stay tuned.  Follow my Facebook page so you don't miss when these are available.