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10 ways to deal with autumn anxiety

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I’m on edge lately.  Even when things are going well, I feel a little off.

Recently I was trying to figure out why I was irritated and out of sorts.  Nothing had changed with the general messiness of the house(working on that)  Our schedule is still crazy and I’m feeling overwhelmed but we are dealing with it. 

This morning when I got up I had to slip on my sweats so I wouldn’t be too cold.  I pick up my jacket each time I head out the door.  Our yard has fallen leaves on top of the browning grass.  Our 2015 garden is finished and I need to put it to bed soon.  Steve mentioned closing down the pool this week before it gets too cold. These are all proof that fall has arrived.

10 ways deal with Autumn Anxiety -

Autumn Anxiety is Real

Daily until December 21st, the days will continually get shorter and the nights longer.  I looked back at my journal and realized I always feel this way this time of the year. 

After some searching on-line, I found that I’m not the only person who experiences Autumn Anxiety.  My symptoms increase as the sunshine decreases.

10 Ways to Deal with Autumn Anxiety -

As I researched and read more, it was encouraging to find that others deal with this issue and that there are actions I can do to help myself.

How I deal with Autumn Anxiety

  1. Tell my family how I’m feeling & not let it come across as anger or depression
  2. Getting enough sleep
  3. Delegate so we keep up with cleaning tasks
  4. Remind myself that being a mom is enough
  5. Having security blankets--cozy hoodies, comfortable chair, time in the sunshine
  6. Blocking out time so I feel less aimless—school, blogging, cleaning, cooking, errands
  7. Crockpot Meals--seriously reduce my anxiety each day
  8. Menu planning--again a way to reduce stress and anxiety each day--free printable available!
  9. Tracking my goals & using a to-do list to see what is getting accomplished.
  10. Get outside and enjoy the limited sunshine EVERY day!

I like autumn.  Really.  Beautiful leaves, pumpkins, cozy clothes and all.

But I admit, I miss spring and summer and long for them to return and bring the energizing sunshine.

Is this something that you experience as well? 

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