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It's time to work! Photo Challenge Week #3

Kim BrushComment
Work Week Photo Challenge -

I’m so excited to share about the photo challenge! 

It will help you get organized and have a plan to protect your precious photographs.  This is Week 3 so if you are just joining us for the Photo Challenge then make sure that you to go back to each post and catch up on other the previous weeks.  It will help you to do the "homework" in order.

Pre-challenge I shared my #1 Problem with Organizing Photos.  If you own a camera or a smart phone then I bet that you have this problem too!  

What would you do if you needed to find a specific photo?  Would you know where to look?  In Week #1 I gave some great ideas for organizing our photos and I shared a quick way to start organizing.

To me this project is VERY overwhelming.  I have 5 boxes of photos to go through and sort.  Week #2 focuses on methods to use when you are organizing photos.  How to tackle this big job in bite size chunks.

I’m going to be very honest here.  I haven’t touched my photos in 10 days. 

They are still waiting for me downstairs on the ping pong table(which is a great place to work by the way)!  We were out of town over the weekend so my normal “free” hours were not available.

So this week the challenge is simple.  

I have a feeling that we all can use a “work” week.  So the homework is to continue to gather photos(week 1) and sort(week 2).  I have planned time in to my schedule on Saturday and Sunday to make progress on this project. 

Make sure you block out some time soon! 

To get myself fired up and to encourage you in your progress I wrote up a list of reasons WHY we should make this project a priority. 

Make time for it—you won’t regret it.


  1. Pictures are just a collection of mystery people on paper if we don’t do something with them (besides keep them in a box).  Sharing on social media, displaying in our homes or making scrapbooks are all GREAT ways to use precious photos.  It makes them something more than a face on paper.
  2. The older we get the more of family history is lost to us.  I have piles of mystery photos from my mom.  They were taken before my birth so I do not know who is in the photo.  The ability to ask her about them is gone as she passed away a year ago.  Procrastination is not a friend to photos.
  3. The longer a photo is stored in a non-photo friendly environment, the more likely it will not be preserved.  Photos are fragile whether they are printed or digital.  We need to take care to have backups and photo friendly homes for these precious memories.

How are you doing on the Photo Challenge?  I'd love to hear in the comments or over on the Day to Day Adventures Facebook page!  Don't forget to sign up to get your free Photo Inventory sheet!