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Blessings from the week vol 10

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Life is good even when you are having a yucky day.  That is how I started today.  But I started looking at my pictures from this week and was reminded of how blessed I am.  Truly.  Count it all joy!

1.  Friends for life

We had company over the weekend.  It was a blast to see them and have house guests. 

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2. Peanut butter cups





In between the visiting I was able put 10 foods in the freezer to prep for "those" busy crazy days. 

  • Chicken & beef precooked
  • Egg cups
  • Muffins
  • No bake cookies

I LOVE peanut butter cups. 

Seriously my favorite snack and dessert. 

No sugar involved, just creamy peanut goodness!



3.  Baby snuggles & road trips

I couldn't stand it any more!  Three weeks had passed since we saw my grand daughter.  So we headed to St. Louis for a quick visit.  It was quick but we still had a blast babysitting for Michael while they went to their small group.  Cecily is just starting to laugh and it was precious to see her

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4.  Fall Color

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It's like liquid gold.  Not all the trees are turning at once here.  I'm catching photos here and there all over town.  I'm enjoying it this year.  I can see it so much more clearly than last year!

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What is blessing you this week?  I'd love to hear!  Comment on this post or over at the Day to Day Adventures Facebook page!  Have a great weekend!