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Crafts and DIY: Best of Day to Day Adventures 2016

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2016 has been a revival for me in crafting! My word for 2016 was PROGRESS and many of my long term projects have moved forward! I’ve started work on a new rag rug and I’m hopeful that January and February will be a great opportunity for spending more time on it.  After all who wants to be outside right now! Learning to knit in October reminded me how much I LOVE yarn. Making several gifts at Christmas was so fun!  

Are you ready to do some crafts in 2017? Well now that we are getting close to the new year and everyone is making goals, I encourage you to take a look at the top craft posts for 2016 from Day to Day Adventures.

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Best "Craft & DIY" posts from Day to Day Adventures in 2016

Sometimes we need to take a break and find our creative side. I often end my day with a little craft project or a little time spent on a big project.  My goal is to inspire you find time to indulge in craft time and provide more inspiration in 2017!!!

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