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Smart Spring Meal Planning

In the KitchenKim4 Comments

The thermometer is inching up. 

We might(maybe hopefully) have had our last frost. 

I am thinking about fresh fruits & vegetables more to round out our main dishes. 

Planting the garden is sounding more like reality than fantasy.

When I want to be outside more I find that I am not as creative or happy about being in the kitchen.  I want to spend my days digging, planting, raking, clipping & all sorts of fun things like that.  So what is a momma to do?  The troops still need to be fed.  I have two choices & I plan to use them both!

1.  Delegate—I learned this winter what wonderful cooks my girls can be.  They know how to cook but for some reason this job seems to fall to me.

Sure they set the table & get the drinks when I ask but the bulk of the cooking seems to fall on me.   After the first of May this will change.   My goals is to have some assigned meal times so I can have a meal(or day—gasp!) off.  This will gain me some “outside” time.  It also allows my girls to get in some more practice in the kitchen & they can expand their list of recipes they feel confident fixing! 

2.  Plan—this choice is two-fold

  • Choose meals that can be thrown in the crock pot & forgotten until it is time to eat.  I love my crockpot & use it several times a week.

Pirates Stew

BBQ Meatballs

Turkey in a Pot

  • Choose meals that can be put together in a short time or that be prepped ahead of time.

Chicken Quesidillas


Baked Potatoes(set the oven timer)

Freezer Meals

SALADS!!!!  We love lettuce & pasta salads.  Find a favorite & don’t be afraid to have it every week! 

Now I am off to write up my meal plans for the next couple of weeks to make this happen.  Let me know by commenting, if this is a help or you have any other great quick ideas for getting food on the table at this time of year.