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High School at Home Part 2

Home School High School part 2 -

Yesterday I posted about how to NOT PANIC about homeschooling high school.  You know you are doing it.  Just take a deep breath & go read that post.  Don't worry we will be here when you get back.

First step in making a high school plan was to look at what Michael had already done in junior high. Then we could go forward and plan the next 4 years. 

Hmmmmm not that much different from planning in past years.  (I can breathe a little)                      

We just need to think for 4 years not 1.  (I don't need to crawl under the covers and hide now)                  

I remember doing this for myself in high school.  (Smiling now.  It's going to be ok!)


This is a rough plan for what high school would look like and what curriculum we would use.


He had tackled Algebra I in his 8th grade year so here is what it looked like for High School

Algebra II--9th  

Advanced Math(Trig & Geometry)--10th-11th      

Calculus--12th**he did this at at a local college for dual credit**


Hubby does High School Science Daddy style and I am so thankful!




Advanced Chemistry--12th

Language Arts(various)

In his elementary/middle years we used Rod & Staff English to solidify our grasp of grammar, so we felt it was time for some more writing.  Since the outside class wasn’t available we chose Wordsmith to begin a writing program. 

Composition & Grammar                          9thWordsmith

Literature in American History             10th Beautiful Feet

Literature in World History                     11th Beautiful Feet

Advanced Composition & Grammar    12th Outside Class

Home School High School part 2 -

Physical Education

P.E. is necessary & important, however, we decided we couldn’t make it happen in one year or semester. 

So I kept track of his exercise time over the course of 4 years and counted a full credit at the end of high school. 

This was a huge relief for me!  We also looked for ways he could be involved in sports in a coaching capacity because that added a new dimension to sports for him. 

It also looks great on college applications!



Foreign Language

We left this for deciding later.  Not sure if we will need it and Michael wasn't sure what language he wanted to pursue.


This was the easy part!  Our kids are so involved in outside activities we knew that it wouldn't be hard have enough electives.

So that is our rough plan for High School.  At least for this kid because you know it will be totally different for the next one!