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15 Homemade Christmas Gifts to make in July

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`15 Homemade Christmas Gifts to make in July

Christmas REALLY? 

Yeah I know its not time yet.

I walked through Hobby Lobby and they have the Christmas stuff out. 

It irritated me a bit.  

It’s summer after all.  I love summer.  Growing things, swimming, lightening bugs? 

All of it.  Winter? 

Nah.  It’s cold.  Staying inside isn’t my favorite.  I like my hoodies but that’s about it.  So how in the world can I be excited about Christmas in July?

Change in Attitude.  Find the Blessing

I made a decision.  I could gripe about the silly stores gearing up for a holiday that is 6 months away or I could take advantage of it and be smart.  I'm researching homemade gifts and letting them sit in my brain for a while.  Then when the weather turns cool I will decide which projects I can feasibly do or have my kids create for loved ones.

Homemade Gifts of Love

We used to make gifts for grandparents and friends to save a bit of money at holiday time.  Not to mention that the gifts were WAY more meaningful to give and receive.

I have a whole Pinterest board that is dedicated to my Christmas DIY gift brainstorming.  I'm very visual so pictures of projects or information is great!  If you are interested in freezer cooking, THM, flowers, crafts, gardening and much more head over to see Day to Day Adventures boards!

But if you need some inspiration & don’t do Pinterest(you really should—it’s fun!) here are some of my favorites.   DON'T MISS the new 2016 list of 15 Homemade Christmas Gifts!

Homemade Christmas Gifts

15 Homemade Christmas Gifts to Make

1. Snowflake Christmas card from Ilina Crouse

I like the simplicity of this design.  I haven't done Christmas cards in forever!  Only way it happens is if I get them done WAY ahead of time.  This would be a doable project for a weekend.

2. Scrabble Tile Wall Art from Decor Chick

This looks like fun!  Looks like a great puzzle for the kids.  Work out the layout for words or names.

3. Citronella Candle from Live Laugh Rowe

Citronella & Lavender are two of my favorite smells.  Practical gift but still beautiful!

Collage #2 Gifts copy.jpg

4.  Stovetop Simmer Spices from Shaken Together Life

Another practical gift but one that works for a friend or family member.  Great for hard to buy for folks!

5. Nativity Block Set from Creative Wood Crafts

Perfect small gift to give the remember the season.  The kids could help paint the blocks of wood!

6. Scrap Fabric Christmas Tree from Live Laugh Rowe

This would be for a person who LOVES Christmas decorating.  An unusual type of tree but great on a shelf or mantle.  Maybe someone who lives in a small apartment!

15 Homemade Gifts to Make

7.  Peppermint Scrub from the Idea Room

What Homemade Gifts list would be complete without a sugar body scrub?  This one reminds me of a candy cane!  I need this now to help with my sandal feet!

8.  Giving Plate from DIY for Life

A gift that just keeps on giving.  We often give sweet treats to friends and this would be an nice addition.

9.  Ombre Monogram Letters from Catch My Party

15 Homemade Gifts to make

10. Piece on Earth from How Does She

I see puzzles at garage sales all the time.  Pick up a few easy ones and check to see if all the pieces are there.  Inexpensive gift that is quick to put together(ha! get the pun!)

11. Let it Snow sign from Live Laugh Rowe

I love pallet signs.  This one works for all of winter & the holiday season!

15 Homemade Christmas Gifts to Make

12. DIY Magnets from Sarah Ortega

These are great stocking stuffers and take very little time to put together.  Use maps, old sheet music or even pretty scrapbook paper make these personalized to a friend or family member.

13. Bird Seed Ornaments from Eclectically Vintage

Practical gifts are so nice.  You use them & often they are done.  No storage & fun while they last.  These Bird Seed Ornaments are great fun for the indoor and outdoor wildlife! 

15 Homemade Christmas Gifts to make

14. Homemade Apple Butter from Money Saving Mom.  Always a hit!  We made a ton of apple butter with apples from our trees last year.  A great gift and I LOVE these labels!

15.  Happy Honey Wheat Bread from Day to Day Adventures

Ahhhh fresh baked bread.  Pair it with some homemade apple butter or jelly and it is a practical but perfect gift to show your love and appreciation for some special person.

Well there you have my list!  I'm really excited to get to do some of these and have the kids help as we prepare for the Christmas Season early to keep it as easy & simple as possible.  If you want to remember these ideas for later then go follow my Christmas DIY gifts board on Pinterest!   DON'T forget to check out the 2016 Handmade Christmas Gift list!


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