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15 MORE Handmade Christmas Gifts

2016Kim Brush15 Comments

We are entering what we call “no rest for the weary” weeks.  Starting with Halloween there is something almost every weekend that keeps us busy or away from home!  I have the 4 essentials on my list for the holidays that I will not sacrifice but I like to think and work ahead to maintain a spirit of peace and joy in our home.  For me that means creating homemade gifts ahead of time and stashing them away in readiness for gift giving.

Restful reading time helps with crazy days

2016Kim Brush4 Comments

Monday was bad for me.  Good Mondays come after Sundays where I get to prep for the week.  Food prep, menus and writing my weekly plan all add up to be what makes a Monday good for me.  I also like to get some extra reading time in if I can.  Restful reading on the weekends makes my crazy weeks a little easier.