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Healthy eating reboot

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Have you ever had to give up all the “normal” things in your life? When your paradigm shifts and there is a new normal it is REALLY difficult to feel right with the world. Everything changes. Your routines don’t work anymore. Normal activities that were effortless are now impossible. And food. How do you get excited to fix healthy food for yourself(or your family) when you aren’t hungry or it hurts to be in the kitchen for very long. It is really hard to find your way back from that season of life. That's where I've been for several years but 2017 is going to be a year of new BEGINNINGS for me. 

Are you there too? Read on my friend. Today is all about a healthy eating reboot.

10 Things to BEGIN in 2017

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New beginnings at the New Year

A year ago I felt like I was so STUCK in a place I didn’t want to be but I was limited by my physical ability to walk, bend and the stamina that I did NOT have. It was so frustrating but I also had a sense that I was ready to get started on a lot of things and that led me to choose PROGRESS as my word for 2016. It proved to be very appropriate and I made huge progress on walking, balance, taking the stairs and flexibility, plus more fun things like crafts and gardening. For 2017, I am looking forward to lots of opportunities for beginning new things. That doesn’t mean I want to abandon the progress I’ve made but the feeling that NEW stuff is right around the corner is really strong.

Day to Day Adventure's Top 10 for 2016

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As we get ready to change over to 2017 I'm reflecting on our year. We've had a lot going on here and not all of it has been easy. We've seen so much growth in independence for my children and improvement in health for several of us(post coming soon on that!) This week between our Christmas Day and New Year’s Day always is full of reflection. It is a good time to look back and look ahead.

Crafts and DIY: Best of Day to Day Adventures 2016

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2016 has been a revival for me in crafting! My word for 2016 was PROGRESS and many of my long term projects have moved forward! I’ve started work on a new rag rug and I’m hopeful that January and February will be a great opportunity for spending more time on it.  After all who wants to be outside right now! Learning to knit in October reminded me how much I LOVE yarn. Making several gifts at Christmas was so fun!  

Homeschool and Parenting: Best of Day to Day Adventures 2016

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Being able to take off a couple of weeks from homeschooling at Christmas is one of the sweetest blessings!  I love doing school with my kids but it is SO awesome to not do it for a while and catch my breath.  If you homeschool I hope that these post are a blessing and an encouragement as you get ready to start back to school after the first of the year.  Only 4 months until spring!  Then summer will be here before we know it.