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What works for me while homebound after surgery

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What works for me while homebound after surgery -

It’s been 3 weeks since I went under the knife to fix my bum hip. 

I’m sort of back to normal.  I haven’t done much on the blog lately because I’m still battling fatigue and the “unfocused” feeling from the pain medicine.  But I’m around on social media so if you don’t follow Day to Day Adventures on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest—go sign up!  

When you have major surgery you have to heal and for me that has meant not getting out of the house much.  Home health has been coming to the house and I just got discharged this week.  Fun stuff!

So I thought I’d share the little things that have been working for me to make life just a little easier.

Also this is the beginning of a new series "What Works for Me" where I will sporadically share what is going on in our family that is working well so that you can benefit from our daily trial and error.

Wool socks

I haven’t put on my shoes for 3 weeks.  Being home bound after hip replacement surgery will do that to you.  So I’ve been living in my sweats, pjs and most comfortable clothes.  My feet are always cold and I love my thick wool socks.  They are soft, cushy and warm.  These are from Walmart's hunting section. 

What works for me while homebound after surgery -
What works for me while homebound after surgery -

Walker & Cane

I’m really excited because I am transitioning from a walker to a cane.  The walker was necessary when I came home from the hospital but I’m MUCH more steady on my feet now.  If I can use the cane, then I can carry a drink or plate from the kitchen to the dining room.  Or a mug of water for hot tea!  It is the little things that thrill me right now!

What works for me while homebound after surgery -

Tea + Amazon Subscribe & Save

One of my indulgences is drinking Bigelow French Vanilla tea every morning. 

It is my FAVORITE!    

Just like Amazon Subscribe & Save is my favorite.  I order the items we continually use.  It makes my life so much easier each month when those items arrive like magic right around the first of the month. 

So easy!

Reading on Feedly & the Kindle app

I read A LOT of blogs & regular books.  My Ipad goes with me everywhere so I always have a book ready to pull out if I have a few minutes to read.  Right now I'm contemplating what books I want to plan on reading this year.  Usually I just pick random ones but I want to become a little more organized.

I also follow a bunch of blogs.  Feedly allows me to read them all in one place.  I’ve been sitting a lot for the last few months(pre & post surgery) and I use this time to read and learn new information.  The Feedly website just makes it super easy to keep up with my favorite bloggers!

DIY Laptop desk & Coloring

I watch a lot of Netflix(hangs head in shame) right now along with reading.  I’ve read almost all of the Harry Potter books since the first of December and we are working on watching the movies as a family. 

My laptop is where I watch TV while sitting in my recliner.  It gets really hot on my lap and I MUST use a lap desk. So this summer I made a lap desk.  It was super easy & it cost less than $10! 

Check out the DIY Lap Desk tutorial to make one for yourself. 

For Christmas my daughter Megan got me a couple of coloring books and some colored pencils.  That is my other brainless pass time right now.  It is relaxing and fun.

Well those are the little things that are keeping me sane these days.  Hopefully I can move on to more productive tasks in the near future after getting the healing done.

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