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10 make ahead time saving freezer foods

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Life is on fast forward here.  But being busy is not an excuse to stop eating healthy meals & snacks!

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10 Make Ahead THM foods -

Health Journey

For 2+ years I’ve been on a journey to health while eating on the THM Plan.

It has shown me that if I can keep good fats, healthy protein, plenty of fruits and vegetables, plus unprocessed, low glycemic foods in my diet, then I can FEEL better AND have energy again. (affiliate link).

That makes this busy life doable.

Juggling school, blogging, errands, activities, cleaning, hobbies, gardening, & classes can make this momma feel overwhelmed!

The to-dos truly NEVER end.  

Food Decision Fatigue

At the end of crazy, busy days, okay every day, I do NOT want to cook, make decisions, or clean up.  I just want to sit and stare at the wall for a few hours.  I realized that if I wanted to keep my sanity, then I needed to put some food in the freezer for those days when I can’t face another decision.

I have made a list of 10 meals for THOSE days.  You know those days when you are standing at the freezer at 5 p.m. wishing someone would just decide what to make for supper?  Some one besides you?  A few weeks ago I made a list of 10 go-to meals to battle Food Decision Fatigue.  Check it out!

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Smart make ahead foods

Getting foods prepared for the freezer has been my priority each week of September and I'm continuing in October. If I do a few each week then I'm not overwhelmed.

I keep it smart and simple. 

  • Making French Toast? Do a triple batch and freeze what isn't eaten. 
  • Make a meatloaf?  It doesn't take much extra time to make 3 or 4. 
  • Making muffins?  Scoop batter into tins.  Frozen then pop out easily to be baked another day. 

It doesn't have to be complicated.

The following prepared frozen foods have kept me from loosing my mind.  The meat, that is either precooked or prepped for easy meals, makes getting a wide variety of meals on the table a little easier.  When I bring the meat home I process it up and get it in the freezer so its ready for another day.

Freezer foods for busy days

1.  Chicken

  • raw diced or cut into tenderloins
  • Lemon Chicken--one of our favorite freezer to crockpot meals
  • chicken breasts cooked, diced or shredded

2.  Hamburger

  • cooked ahead with spices for tacos or spaghetti
  • sloppy joe’s
  • meat loaf

Part of changing my morning's to be AWESOME has been turning breakfast over to my kids to fix on their own.  Having some premade options makes this a breeze.

4.  Egg cups--sausage, cheese & eggs baked in muffin cups for 15-20 minutes on 350 degrees

10 make ahead time saving freezer foods -

5.  Muffin in a Mug Mix

6.  Baked oatmeal--Blueberry, Apple Cinnamon

7.  Chia Porridge

These are my favorite sweet ending to a meal!  Gotta have them on hand.

8. Homemade peanut butter cups

9.  Luscious Lemon Pudding actually it's yogurt but I eat it like pudding!

10. No bake cookies

All of the linked recipes are on my Food Decision Fatigue board on Pinterest. 


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