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The search for GREAT books!

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I'm searching for more GREAT books for 2016!  Sometimes finding an awesome book is a little like looking for a needle in a haystack.  You have to sift through all the normal hay to find that special "needle."

Searching for some great book to read?  Check out this October book list -

I’d love your suggestions for my next book to be read in the comments!  

Are you looking for some good books to read?  Here are my "good" books from November. 

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October Book Recommendations

Toward the Sunrise by Elizabeth Camden

This short novella is all about a young woman, seeking to become a doctor and her adventures when she is kept from that goal.  This book was short and a quick read for me. 

I love stories that weave the lives of the characters in with a good plot twist. 


The Whisper of Stars by Nick Jones  

Science fiction books really stretch my imagination.  Imagine a time when the world's resources are not sufficient and part of the population has to go into hibernation.  Also imagine if during hibernation the “government” was searching your memories. 

Yeah kinda big brother scary stuff! Who can you trust?  Especially when you have a secret to hid!  Great start to a sci fi series.


UnEnchanted by Chanda Hahn

Ever want to live in a fairy tale land?  Well this book is all about how that would look.  Mina Grime (get it?  Grimm’s fairy tales)  finds that fairy tales are not so imaginary and she has to live in several and survive in order to save her family.  Another good first book in a series but this time in the fantasy genre.


The fitting room:  Putting On the Character of Christ by Kelly Minter

I claim this book for my theme of the year--Progress.  I’ve had this book on my Kindle for a long while.  Sadly my morning reading time has reduced now that it has cooled off outside.  I’m not tempted to read in my swing as the morning wakes up.  But I’m making slow progress on this non-fiction book that is all about "clothing ourselves" in Christian values like forgiveness, joy, patience and compassion (Col 3:12)

Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin

I’ve been craving a historical book and I heard this one recommended on a podcast that I listen to called What Should I Read Next

I’m just getting started on this one but anything about Abraham Lincoln is interesting to me!


What are you reading right now?  I would love to know!  Also, have you missed the book post from the other months in 2016?  Here they are!

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