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Reset for the New Year: Bible Reading Plan and Hospitality Habit

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The crazy busyness of December and all the fun of the holidays really makes me tired every year. Can I get an amen? January and February have become my recovery months and they are perfect for resetting my Bible reading plan for the new year and I’m adding a hospitality habit this year.

Bible Reading Plan and Hospitality Habit: Reset for the New Year

It takes most of January to recover and find all the normal routines again. It’s taken YEARS to learn to embrace this time of rest and recovery as necessary and good for me as I look ahead. Having a yearly reset and evaluation time allows me to add to my existing habits and helps me to make necessary changes.

Spiritual Reset for 2019

Adding some KICK to an old routine

One of my routines each morning is to grab a cup of my favorite tea (Bigelow French Vanilla) and my iPad. Then I read my Bible for a while. I’d been searching for different reading plans in the YouVersion app and just couldn’t find one that I wanted to start for the year. It all felt so blah.

I love to listen to podcasts. They keep me company everyday in the car and at home. I get to laugh, learn and cry with people who I’ll never know but love anyway. Someday soon I will do a post on all my favorites but today I want to talk about the Bible Recap Podcast. I heard about this new podcast late in 2018 and it got me excited again about my Bible time!

This podcast is based on a chronological plan that gets you through the Bible in a year. It’s been a while since I read the Bible in one year. Anyone else??? So I decided that this was a good year to do it! What I LOVE about the podcast is that after I read my chapters I can go listen to this short podcast and hear more about those specific chapters. She always shares something that challenges me or shows me something new I missed.

Another area I need to reset is reading books that challenge me spiritually. I’m not a lover of reading nonfiction and rarely make it through many such books in a year. However I’ve found that I can LISTEN to them just fine. So I have a plan for doing that this year as well.

Do you have a favorite book that you would recommend to me? Leave it in the comments!

Bible reading plan for 2019

  • Read through the Bible in a year with the chronological plan

  • Listen to the Bible Recap podcast

  • Listen to a non fiction book each month that is encouraging and challenging

Hospitality Habit Ideas

We’ve always loved having people in our home but for some reason find it hard to get it to happen. One reset my husband asked is if we could hang out with more friends and family in 2019 and I love the idea of starting this habit and finding new ways to implement it in our life. .

Main hangup with hospitality

I’ve struggled for a long time with my perfectionism about having a perfectly clean home before friends could come over. The routine used to be to clean frantically (and make others in my home miserable) before we had company over. The cleaning habit I’ve got going prevents that (more on that later) and keeps the family much happier! Now we practice scruffy hospitality and let people who enter our home see us more as who we are, which is definitely not perfect.

Small group Christmas stocking exchange :)

Small group Christmas stocking exchange :)

The #1 thing that has pushed me into more hospitality is hosting a small group from our church each week. My group of ladies has been more encouraging and fun than I ever thought it could be. And guess what? They truly don’t care if my house is clean or not.

The cold and snowy weather has kept us from meeting much lately and I MISS them!

Hospitality plan and ideas for 2019

  • Small group each week

  • Having friends or family over once a month (Feb-Nov)

  • Crafts nights for my girl friends

  • BBQ/swim party for the larger family group in June

  • Bonfire for teens from school in October

I have no idea if we can make all of these happen but if we have a plan they are much more likely to get put on the calendar!

Bible Reading Plan  and Hospitality Habit: New Year Reset

Your TURN!

Did you do a reset for 2019? Are you still working on those goals or resolutions now?

I’d love to hear how it is going in the comments or over on the Day to Day Adventures Facebook page (if you don’t follow me there go do it NOW!)

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