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Instacart Review: Positives and negatives of grocery delivery

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I always thought that grocery delivery was for the rich and famous. Boy was I WRONG! This winter I discovered the wonderful world of Instacart and shopping from home. It’s no secret that I really don’t like winter and after this past months of 18 inch snows topped by ice and all that yuckiness I decided to try out Instacart for my weekly Aldi shopping trip and review it!


There are links to Instacart in this post and if you sign up we BOTH get $10 free but that is NOT why I wrote this post! If you are like me you like to know people’s opinions of a service before you try it so I wanted to share my honest thoughts and options on how my experience has been! If you are asked for a code when you sign up please use KBRUSH1061F2 to get your free $10!

I had seen the signs at Aldi but I knew that since we lived pretty far away from our store that I wasn’t likely to get it delivered to my home. But then it occurred to me that my husband works very close to the store. Light bulb moment!!!!

I got online and investigated the details! Create a free account to get a FREE 2 week trial of express delivery. Locally Instacart delivers for Aldi, Kroger, Hyvee and even PetCo. My reaction? Sign me up!

Instacart Review: Positives and negatives of grocery delivery

After the two week trial the cost is $10/month or $99/year with a minimum $35 order. You can also pay $4 for each delivery if you prefer and not sign up for the automatic payment each month. I may switch to this as it warms up. I don’t mind getting groceries as much when the weather is beautiful!

What I don’t like about Instacart

Green banana problem

It may seem silly but we like riper bananas and it never fails that the shopper gives us VERY green bananas so we end up waiting a while to be able to eat our bananas. Seriously if you like your produce a certain way then you need to leave instructions (which you CAN do I just always forget) for your shopper.

Missed sales prices

By not going to the store I miss out on sales from my store so if you only shop what’s on sale then Instacart may not before you. Personally my staples that I get are not on sale often so this isn’t a huge negative for me.

Mix up on pick up location

I was surprised and please that you can have your deliver sent to multiple locations! Primarily I send my deliveries to my husband’s work. Occasionally I send them to my daughter’s apartment. After I placed an order a few weeks ago I had to change the delivery location and the app didn’t save my change. PANIC moment! However the Instacart shopper who was bringing my order called me and we made arrangements to get the deliver sent to the right place AFTER he had drove to the first location. He was super nice about it and it all worked out.

Instacart Review: Positives and negatives of grocery delivery

What I like about Instacart grocery delivery

Saves time

Time is priceless and since I like to spend my time doing things I love and that are more productive that grocery shopping this is my biggest benefit from online grocery shopping and a delivery service.

Saves gas

When I don’t have to drive the 40 miles round trip each week to get groceries I save money!

Shop from my home

This was a surprising benefit of online grocery service for me. I can’t always remember if we have cheddar cheese or my son’s favorite cereal. When I shop from the app I can just walk around and enter it as I look in the pantry and refrigerator. We have less over purchasing and I don’t forget things I need as often. Which makes me look like supermom and who can’t use a little more of that??

Spend less

It seems like paying for a service like Instacart would cost more not less right? Well because I’m not overbuying and I know what I need each week, it means that I’m not spending as much. That is a huge benefit for me.

Husband can help

Linked to the saving money on gas and saving time is this big benefit. I love that hubby is my delivery man. He leaves at 6 from work so I send the order to him between 5 and 6 or if he has room in the work refrigerator that day then I will send it over his lunch hour. He brings it home and gets to help put it all away. LOVE that!

App is easy

I’ve ordered online and using the app. No fuss and very easy to navigate.

Nice delivery people

I’ve had several different shoppers and seen a few of them multiple times. When I asked if they like their job they all have said that they love it! All have been helpful and bring the groceries in to my husband’s work. The few times I’ve met the shopper at my husband’s work to pick up the delivery they have loaded the bags in my trunk for me.

So over all my experience has been a positive one and I’d definitely recommend this service to friends and family. What do you think? I’d love to know your experience with Instacart and what you love about it!

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