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Do you want to plan some fun? Join the Adventure Challenge!

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I REALLY love May.  For several reasons but mainly because it is the beginning of the end. 

All of our activities are done or finishing up for the year.  Our school day has becomes less book work and more fun work.  Like planting things in the garden or going for nature walks.

Do you want to plan some fun?  That's what the Adventure Challenge is for!  -
Do you want to plan some fun?  That's what the Adventure Challenge is for!  -

During the school year it feels like we have too many responsibilities for spontaneous adventures.  I really want to change this.  

Doing MORE fun spur of the moment activities is on my mental to-do list for the fall but I think we need to start easing into that NOW.  Years ago, I remember the look on my kids faces when I said we were ignoring school and taking a field trip for the day.  It has gotten harder to do that because as teens they have a heavier load of school and more scheduled activities.

Do you want to plan some fun?  That's what the Adventure Challenge is for!  -

What do you do with the extra time in the summer?

Since things are finishing up for the school year, we can breathe a little easier.  It feels like there is more margin in our day for “fun” off-the-calendar type of days again. 

I'm MUCH more willing to make detour from the regular routine when I know we have the freedom to do so and not fall behind on our school work.  But I want to use the time wisely because I know how easy it is to let the whole summer go by without doing anything we REALLY want to do.

Plan for spontaneous fun

Do you have this conversation with your family?  

“We want to _____________ (have friends over more, go camping, visit friends, go to the park)” 

And then a few weeks later it still hasn’t happened. In fact it isn't even on the calendar or our to do list? 

Yeah us to.  

That’s how the Adventure Challenge was born.  I had the blessing of 3 days away with friends in April and while I was gone my brain cleared and I could really see that we needed to be intentional about doing the things we love. 

Somethings won’t happen if you don’t plan for them.  

  • Like to go camping?  It takes planning
  • Enjoy going to concerts?  It’s a good time to look at the summer calendar for those.
  • Want to go to a drive-in movie with your kids?  Which night can you make that work?  When are there movies playing that you want to see?
  • Are there skills that you want to work on with your kids this summer?  Life skills that they don’t cover in school?  Which ones are most important and how long will they take to go over?  Life learning is important but often slips through the cracks.  Summer is great for these kinds of lessons

So this Adventure Challenge really is for me (and my family) but I'm sure many of my readers would be up for the challenge as well.  When you do a challenge together the support and encouragement is also a great side benefit.

I’ve found that including friends for accountability is a great way to make a change in my life.  It’s like being in an exercise group or doing a new eating plan with a friend.  I am WAY more likely to exercise or eat right if I'm reporting back to someone.

What will the challenge cover?  I'm glad you asked!  Here are a few topics to be included.

  • How to find ways to make the "have tos" of life easier so you can feel more free to do what you want to do
  • Ideas for focused monthly activities (individual, kid dates, outings with friends)
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Crafts for kids and Mom's
  • plus much more . . . . .

So how do you sign up for the Adventure Challenge?

Are you in?  Is it time to stop wishing for a few minutes a day to do what you love?  Is it time to make the passions in your life a priority?  Then I challenge you to join the challenge and let your passions be reflected in how you spend your time.

Do you want to plan some fun?  That's what the Adventure Challenge is for!  -

All you have to do is fill out the form below and each Saturday you will get an encouraging email(sometimes with free printables!) from me that focuses on creating more intentional adventures in your life and your families life.  I want to help you to be deliberate with your time and energy while guarding against being too busy for family time, self care time and time for your hobbies and passions! 

JOIN me as we work together create the life that you don't want to miss.

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