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Families that PLAY together STAY together!

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Fun family trip to St. Louis City Museum -

We are sliding in to our summer here.  There is still school left to finish up from this year but I have loosened up about the schedule. 

We’ve been sleeping in a bit.  The kids just might get to play before Mom is ready to kick off school for the day.

St. Louis trip to City Museum

This week we took off to go to St. Louis.  Steve had an evening class in St. Louis, so we threw together some traveling food for the hotel.  Then we stayed the next dayto spend playing at the City Museum. 

It is a TON of fun but if you ever go be ready for a real work out! 



Steve and the kids have been complaining about sore muscles and knees since we got back.  Think of it as one big jungle gym that you climb, slide down & explore!

Fun family trip to St. Louis City Museum -

Yes that is my husband crawling through that wire tunnel.  Yes that is a high as it looks. 

There are so many things I am thankful for about this trip. A year ago if you’d told me I would be crawling through tubes and in to small spaces I would have laughed at you. 

Fun family trip to St. Louis City Museum -
Fun family trip to St. Louis City Museum -

Since my hip surgery in January I have been slowly getting back to normal. Each of the kids & Steve said to me multiple times that they were glad I could be with them at the Museum.  It was challenging—I won’t say it was a breeze.  Stairs are still not a lot of fun & I am so slow. 

Fun family trip to St. Louis City Museum -
Fun family trip to St. Louis City Museum -

I did manage to climb the 11 stories to go down the really LONG slide!  It is possible to do crazy things with your family when they are cheering you on!

Fun family trip to St. Louis City Museum -

It was hysterical when the kids would go in to a new place they would holler back “Mom, you can do this one” or “Mom, don’t come in it is UGLY!” 

They were really looking out for me. 

It is challenging to get away right now.  It is Steve’s busy time of the year at work.  Michael is finishing up this semester of college.  Then there is all the normal life stuff that distracts us.  So we don’t always get to spend a whole day hanging out together unless we plan to run away! 

These are the times that the kids remember and talk about for days, months and years after.  I am planning and plotting for the next family adventure!

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