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Motivating a Boy to Work

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My youngest has a passion for science.


He loves to do experiments. 

Actually he begs for them and I use them as bribes so he finishes the rest of his school.


He wasn’t sure about learning to play piano.  He thought drums were more his style.  We didn’t have drums but we have a piano. 


He does it because he knows that he can be loud.

I can’t say a word since I convinced him to learn.


I think we need to work more field trips in because when we visited our state capital building this past Saturday he really enjoyed learning about our state’s history. 

I think the zoo would be fun next! 

It is a challenging thing to keep a almost 9 year old boy focused on learning. 

He literally escaped the house 3 or 4 times this morning to go run around the yard.  It happened each time I turned to help his sisters.  I have learned not to get upset because he truly just wants to move.  Sometimes to help him to focus I just have him run up and down the stairs singing a fun song.  It helps. 

He’s not ADD, he’s just a boy that has boundless energy. 

I love getting to stay home with him and challenge him each day.